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Monsoon East

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I know its a quick one, but has anyone gone since it opened? Let us know your thoughts, good or bad. And what to order if we do go! How is parking? Thanks!

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  1. Yes. It's fabulous. Here are the specialties:

    Bo La Lot Beef appetizer
    Pork Ribs starter
    Ahi "three way" appetizer
    Yellowtail Sashimi with vietnamese style vinegrette touches

    Catfish Claypot
    Luc Lac Filet Mignon
    Crispy "drunken" chicken

    Banana cake for dessert.

    1. I was there for lunch yesterday, roughly 1100-1130. Found easy parking on a side street right across the street....Harder to find right on Main Street...

        1. We had happy hour there last month (3-6:30 pm daily). All happy hour items were $5, drinks $6. We had 4 dishes. Grilled Chinese eggplant with tofu paper was grilled, shredded and sauteed in rice wine vinegar, mixed with chopped green onions, and topped with a single square of fried tofu skin. The eggplant was smoky and silky. Nem nuong and pineapple lettuce wrap were served as three slices of sausage cakes with a five-spice flavoring. Fried salt and pepper calamari were battered in, I believe, cornstarch instead of flour, giving them a wonderful crispiness. The dipping sauce was an intense combination of lime juice, salt and Szechuan peppercorns. Juliennes of green beans and oyster mushrooms were fried also in a flaky batter with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, lime juice, a little bit of sweet syrup and chili sauce. The last two were our definite favorites. I believe that the happy hour items change periodically, perhaps as often as monthly.

          Parking can be a problem along Main Street, although we did find a spot about a block away.

          1. Tried Monsoon East last night and loved it. I takes the stylish viet food of the Seattle original a step further toward luxury but also locality, surpassing the creative cuisine of that branch.

            Both the raw hamachi and kampachi were great, drizzled with flavored oil and herbs and served with a sashimi style daikon salad. The stuffed squid were the best version of this I've had at Tamardind Tree, Lemon Leaf, Jasmine, etc., nestled atop a modestrly dressed bed of greens. The shrimp, avocado and mango rolls were satisying (and certainly not local). The claypot catfish was also a superior version of a classic, with a bit of sichuan peppercorn, the fish devoid of any mud flavor. "Drunken" chicken appeared just like mall-style General Tso's but was imbued with a marinated wine/liquor depth that took it to the next level, served on chinese spinach or some other greens with scallions. A return visit is in order for sure.

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              Johhny Zhu of Veil has taken up residence, so I can imagine things are going well.