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Dec 12, 2008 12:28 PM

US 61 Memphis to Jackson

As we drive down through the Mississippi Delta toward Jackson, what are some places to stop for a good bite to eat? For some good music?

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  1. You can get both at the Hollywood Cafe in Robinsonville (near Tunica). The Blue & White does decent home-style food in Tunica. That should at least get you started.

    1. Clarksdale: Abe's BBQ, Madidi, Rest Haven Restaurant (get the pie)

      Greenwood (delta food heaven): Lusko's, Gardenia's, Crystal Grill

      Be sure to visit the SFA's website and stop at a couple places on the Tamale Trail at

      1. I've always wanted to eat at Doe's in Greenville.

        1. Ground Zero in Clarksdale owned by Morgan Freemanj will provide nice blue's music for you and decent southern food nothing special. Greenwood is the food capital of the Delta. Try Giardinia's, Crystal Grill and Lusco's. any trip down through the Delta should include a stop at Doe's in Greenville. Don't waste your time in Tunica. Some casino restaurants are nice but you should experience the old in Clarksdale, Greenwood and Greenville. If you have time visit Oxford, MS.....City Grocery, Ajax, 208 and Waltz. Bon Appetit.