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Dec 12, 2008 11:52 AM

Pie 'n Burger or Oinkster?

So, I'm working in the Glendale area, and some friends are coming over to meet me for dinner. All love food in its various and sundry forms, but I was thinking either Pie 'n Burger or The Oinkster, since none of us have yet been able to eat at either one.

There will be 4 of us -- 3 adults, and one 4 yo child. Are the waits going to be long at either one (or both)?


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  1. Both have good burgers but I prefer the rest of the menu at Oinkster and find the atmosphere/ambiance friendlier at well. Especially for a group. And Oinkster's Ube Milkshake is soooo good!

    2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

    Pie 'n Burger
    913 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

    1. My 1st response is unhelpful and indecisive - Try both and decide for yourself . They're both good. Every burger lover in LA should at least try PnB's.
      You won't have any trouble finding a table for 4 at Oinkster. Think fast food joint interior-retro. Pie 'n Burger -think small diner of yesteryear. Long counter, 1/2 dozen small tables. Still you shouldn't have a wait or at least a long one. Pie'n Burger -CASH ONLY. Pretty sure Oinkster takes CC/ATM.

      Oinkster -wider variety of foods -
      from burgers to pastrami, pulled pork, rotisserie chicken. Belgian fries -good when fresh.
      PnB mainly burgers (better than Oinkster IMHO, But Oink's pretty good also) and very limited diner fare. Good fries but not Belgian.
      Oinkster desserts- pretty much cupcakes- very good but chance they'll be out of at least some kinds.
      PnBurger desserts- pretty much pies but VERY good pies.
      Oinksters some good beers and wine. PnB BYOB.
      PnB's a little pricier, But both rate 1 $ sign. PnB -Burger,fries, coke, pce of pie, tip -about $20. Oinkster has a great happy hour- 3-6PM (see website for details).

      1. Oinkster. I think P n B is overrated and over priced and much better for lunch than dinner.

        1. Oinkster, hands down. P&B is: small, expensive, hit & miss servicewise, and while the burger is good, it's not better than Oinkster's. Just be sure to get your fries well done, they tend to under cook them. Oh yeah, Oinkster has beer!

          1. Yeah, I think the edge goes to Oinkster, especially for dinner. There's more room to sit down, beer and wine, plus I found Pie 'n Burger felt a little forlorn after dark.

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              I like that description "forlorn". Pie n Burger has a good burger and tuna melt and of course the pies, unless you want something with whipped cream instead of meringue. Then it can get a little complicated as they remove the meringue and then top with whipped cream. The Belgian fries with the garlic aioli are reason enough to go to the Oinkster. And yes, I agree with the ambiance, what there is of it is much better than Pie n Burger. It is contemporary, sort of like In n Out but nicer and has outdoor seating. The music might get a little loud though. Mmmm, fries...