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Pie 'n Burger or Oinkster?

So, I'm working in the Glendale area, and some friends are coming over to meet me for dinner. All love food in its various and sundry forms, but I was thinking either Pie 'n Burger or The Oinkster, since none of us have yet been able to eat at either one.

There will be 4 of us -- 3 adults, and one 4 yo child. Are the waits going to be long at either one (or both)?


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  1. Both have good burgers but I prefer the rest of the menu at Oinkster and find the atmosphere/ambiance friendlier at Oinkster.as well. Especially for a group. And Oinkster's Ube Milkshake is soooo good!

    2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

    Pie 'n Burger
    913 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

    1. My 1st response is unhelpful and indecisive - Try both and decide for yourself . They're both good. Every burger lover in LA should at least try PnB's.
      You won't have any trouble finding a table for 4 at Oinkster. Think fast food joint interior-retro. Pie 'n Burger -think small diner of yesteryear. Long counter, 1/2 dozen small tables. Still you shouldn't have a wait or at least a long one. Pie'n Burger -CASH ONLY. Pretty sure Oinkster takes CC/ATM.

      Oinkster -wider variety of foods - http://www.oinkster.com/index.html
      from burgers to pastrami, pulled pork, rotisserie chicken. Belgian fries -good when fresh.
      PnB mainly burgers (better than Oinkster IMHO, But Oink's pretty good also) and very limited diner fare. Good fries but not Belgian.
      Oinkster desserts- pretty much cupcakes- very good but chance they'll be out of at least some kinds.
      PnBurger desserts- pretty much pies but VERY good pies.
      Oinksters some good beers and wine. PnB BYOB.
      PnB's a little pricier, But both rate 1 $ sign. PnB -Burger,fries, coke, pce of pie, tip -about $20. Oinkster has a great happy hour- 3-6PM (see website for details).

      1. Oinkster. I think P n B is overrated and over priced and much better for lunch than dinner.

        1. Oinkster, hands down. P&B is: small, expensive, hit & miss servicewise, and while the burger is good, it's not better than Oinkster's. Just be sure to get your fries well done, they tend to under cook them. Oh yeah, Oinkster has beer!

          1. Yeah, I think the edge goes to Oinkster, especially for dinner. There's more room to sit down, beer and wine, plus I found Pie 'n Burger felt a little forlorn after dark.

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              I like that description "forlorn". Pie n Burger has a good burger and tuna melt and of course the pies, unless you want something with whipped cream instead of meringue. Then it can get a little complicated as they remove the meringue and then top with whipped cream. The Belgian fries with the garlic aioli are reason enough to go to the Oinkster. And yes, I agree with the ambiance, what there is of it is much better than Pie n Burger. It is contemporary, sort of like In n Out but nicer and has outdoor seating. The music might get a little loud though. Mmmm, fries...

            2. I've done extensive research on this subject....at least as far as burgers go. I've eaten many burgers at both places. There's no question in my opinion.....Oinkster's burger is hands down the better burger. Not only that, I think it's the best burger I've ever had...anywhere.

              Now, I must preface this by all the chowhounders out there saying "What about Mortons, Father's Office, etc.?" Well, obviously it's a personal thing. I have an idealized view of "the perfect burger" and the steakhouse-type burger or bistro-type is not it.

              For me personally, t's not all about the quality of the meat, but is as much about the "fixin's" being just right and the whole being more than the sum of it's parts.

              Let me tell you...an Oinkster cheddar cheeseburger ordered medium rare, eaten while still hot and dripping juices can be a transcendent experience.

              1. they're very different.
                neither are really dinner places imho.
                Pie n burger is nice for lunch. I like the burgers fine (neither place is my fave burger)
                Oinkster is a much more hip young feel.

                Fora simple burger in glendale, I like "The Great White Hut." For the ambience most of all - it's just a traditional LA corner of the parking lot stand.
                Behind Porto's

                121 W California Ave
                Glendale, CA 91203
                if you want to look at street view at google maps. I dont' know how late they're open.

                But keep in mind, this is a stand with no waiter service or comfort stations, so it's more for you since you work in glendale and for another occasion.

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                  Thanks for the rec ... I actually walk by that every day (I take a walk each morning and afternoon just to clear my head and be outdoors during the workday). I've been planning to try it each time I walk by, but I definitely will now that someone's specifically recommended it.

                  There was actually some confusion about last night (my fault, I'm sure); we ended up going to the West SFV (Topanga area), and stopped in at The Stand, since we've never tried it.

                  We had ...

                  The Cheeseburger, the Spicy Polish, side of Mac & Cheese, a side of Chili Cheese Fries, a Dr. Brown's Diet Cream Soda (from the bottle), and a Diet Orange Cream Soda (also from the bottle).

                  Honestly ... the only good thing were the bottled sodas. The burger was WAY too well-cooked (despite asking for it to be MR).

                  The fries were your less-than-average, garden variety frozen/re-heated fries, and the chili was just not good -- to ketchupy sweet.

                  The Mac & Cheese was like caffeteria Mac & Cheese, but not even good enough to warrant enjoyment for nostalgia's sake. It was rubbery, and had a very off-putting aftertaste ... though I couldn't put my finger quite on what it was.

                  The Spicy Polish was probably the best of the worst, but it was no better than the average packaged Polish sausage you could by at Ralphs.

                  All in all, it was a REAL dissapointment, because I'd been wanting to try it and it seems like a cool kind of place. Maybe we just ordered poorly, but from the overall quality, I'd guess not.

                  I will say that the service was superb; very polite, very willing to help with suggestions and answering any questions we had.

                2. All this talk about PnB with no mention of the hashbrowns? They carry on in the great hashbrown tradition of Los Angeles hamburger joints X, Y, and Z but especially Russell's (of which only one much-diminished example remains -- on Fair Oaks). Compared to the faux frites of the Oinker, PnB hashbrowns are excellent. Compared to the hashbrowns of the old Russell's locations in Long Beach, they're still pretty darned good.

                  PnB's hamburgers are also good, but not my favorite, and they too-often serve their decent chili close to room temperature. I'm surprised some lawyer doesn't already own the place.

                  The Oinker, of course, is cozier and friendlier, and the men's room has an outside door, which is handy for quick stops when passing through the neighborhood during business hours. Pie 'n Burger, on the other hand, can remind you of Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks," without the warmth, but they do occasionally have outstandingly cute waitresses, no doubt on break from thermonuclear research at nearby Cal Tech.