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Dec 12, 2008 11:30 AM

Jasper's Plano

This place is soooo unimpressive. I’m not sure what all the rave reviews are about b/c Jasper’s is not Dallas/ Plano’s finest. It is at best mediocre. I was there a few days ago for lunch w/ a group and had mixed feelings about this place.

We started our lunch w/ some wine. I didn’t think the wine selection was all that impressive b/c I can pick up Penfold’s or Santa Margherita at my local Super Target. We had the Maytag chips as a starter which is supposed to be one of the must tries at Jasper’s. Hmmmm, a little soggy and very reminiscent of the greasy potato spirals that you can get at the TX State Fair only these are topped w/ blue cheese. I will give Jasper’s points for the blue cheese that they use as it had a very nice flavor to it. This item is definitely meant to be shared as it is very creamy and rich.

I had the “sink” salad which is basically a Greek salad loaded up. This was very tasty. It had a lovely feta vinaigrette and the toppings consisted of feta cheese chunks, pepperchini’s, olives, tomatoes and a couple of pita chips. The tomatoes were actually small grape tomatoes that had been sliced in half and roasted in their oven so that they had a flavor very similar to sundried tomatoes. Lettuce was a mixture of crisp romaine and baby spinach. I really liked this salad but someone else complained that they thought it was “busy.” A couple people at the table ordered the house salad which appeared to be mixed greens, Maytag blue cheese, & candied pecans. There weren’t any complaints so I take it that it was good.

I wanted to go light so I tired the almond crusted rainbow trout. Trout was very tasty but a little too buttery to make for a light meal. Nice presentation. There were three small square fillets stacked upon a mound of cauliflower puree with a very smooth and almost velvety red bell pepper sauce that had been drizzled around the cauliflower puree. I believe they used saved zucchini as the garnish on top of the trout. The ribs are supposed to be another it item but a person at the table tired them and said they were just okay. Tender but the sauce was a little too sweet was the exact comment.

Gouda Mac & Cheese-
This was gross. It sounds good but it was very, very greasy. It seemed like the little mini bowtie pastas were mushy and over cooked. A complete miss in my opinion.

Then we did dessert and I must say this was very disappointing. The server raved and raved about the cherry limeade pie. I’m not sure what is so special about this desert but I found it to be just so- so. First off it is a mini-pie and not a slice. It was topped with Swiss meringue and has graham cracker crust. It was also chilled and the inside is a tangy, sweet/sour cherry topping resting on dense layer of what would best be described as a key lime sherbet. I think people love the fluffy meringue/ chilled combo but the is the same as a Sonic cherry limeade so it’s nothing to be impressed by since it is three time the price.

Here is a + and - breakdown of Jasper's:
+ Zen like atmosphere. Very hip and trendy and very Dallas.
+ Prompt service.
+ Good variety of food items so I think that even the pickest of eaters could find something of interest.

- Waitress had very little knowledge of the menu. We asked serveral questions of which she kind of seemed confused.
- Food can be a hit or miss. For a place of this caliber it should be a hit everytime.

I give it a B-. If I didn't have to pay to dine there I might go again but I would never take someone to Jasper's as I think there are better palces to eat in Dallas.

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  1. This is one of the strangest restaurants when it comes to reaction...My parents have never thought that much of it, yet everytime I have gone, it has been absolutely delicious and well worth visiting. I hate to think that this is one of those "hit and miss" establisments, because frankly it's a bit to steep pricewise for that....I notice that they speak very highly of the one in Austin is it? or Houston?

    1. I put Japser's in the box of nice to go with friends that want to do the bar seen. The food is good, but as I am famous for "I can do it better and cheaper at home" Their plating is quite nice, the surrounds are nice, but again their food does not have the complexity that drives me to go out and eat it. Overall I would rather fix dinner and invite friends over the house.

      1. I posted a review very similar to yours a few months ago and really got beat up on this board. Since that review we were invited by friends to go to Jaspers again ( I would have never spent my own money again) and I have to say on the second visit it was just OK. I still stand by my first review and I agree with you on the chips and Mac and cheese which are suppose to be 2 of their not to miss items. For me they miss big time on both of these.

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        1. re: Analisas mom

          Your post is part of what prompted me to post about the mac & cheese. I really wanted to mention it b/c people seemed to be really knocking you for your review but what you had to say is true- Jasper's mac & cheese is not mac & cheese but really a pasta dish. I know the menu explains what it is but IMO it is just terrible no matter what you consider the dish to be. Like I said it is very greasy and mushy. Mac & cheese no matter what it is made of should be creamy and Jasper’s is greasy and clumpy. I’m not trying to tell anyone not to go to Jasper’s, rather, I just want people to know some of the things that I consider to be a miss so that if they do go they can save themselves the trouble of ordering something that really wasn’t very good since Jasper's can be a little on the pricey side.

          1. re: txsweetie

            I agree with you too. Those chips are really awful, and the mac and cheese is really goopy and mediocre.

            Honestly, the tornado taters (?) at the State Fair are better than those Jasper's chips.

            I will also only eat there again if somebody else is buying.