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Dec 12, 2008 11:25 AM

Heavenly Cupcake

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  1. Mr. Geeky brought me a red velvet cupcake from there. It was good, but it was too chocolaty. Frosting was pretty good, though. What took me aback was that the cute paper bag they put it in was soaked in grease by the time Mr. G brought it home. The cake itself, however, was not greasy. Maybe it was that the tins were sprayed with oil to keep the cupcake wrappers from sticking and the grease transferred to the bag.

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    1. re: geekyfoodie

      Thanks geekyfoodie.
      A red velvet wedding cake with a cream cheese-ish filling from Edelweiss in Mira Mesa was my first taste of red velvet ever. The cake was moist, and filling not too sweet. It seems like the bakery might only make red velvet for wedding cakes. I'm not sure what other places around San Diego make a good red velvet. I'm willing to try every place that has them until I can find one!

      1. re: epicureous eggplant

        Get to The Daily Scoop in South Park right now. Their red velvet cupcakes (not always available... call ahead) are the best I've had here in SD. :) The ice cream (from Niederfrank's in National City) is pretty great, too.

          1. re: epicureous eggplant

            I had the red velvet cc from Daily Scoop and was very unimpressed. It looked great, don't get me wrong. The cream cheese frosting was delicious, but the actual cake was very dry. Maybe it had been sitting out too long. I just tried Heavenly last night. Their cupcakes weren't moist either. Maybe my standards are too high or something.

            1. re: ginael

              I tried a couple bites of a friend's red velvet cc from the Daily Scoop a couple weeks ago. I found it to be very dry as well. Then again, it was 8pm or so and the cc was probably made in the morning - or maybe even before that!?

              1. re: sdsometimes

                Ok have to insert an update here. Yesterday afternoon I puchased 6 cupcakes from Daily Scoop for a dinner party. By that night, they were very moist and delicious. So it appears the quality is dependent on how long they have been sitting there.

                1. re: ginael

                  Cupcakes for a dinner party... never thought of that! What wine do you recommend with red velvet cupcakes ginael... a nice bottle or 2 of Pinot Noir?

                  1. re: sdsometimes

                    You got it! We had a mid-range Pinot Noir (I think Acacia) with the red velvet, and thought the two went well together.

                  2. re: ginael

                    I definitely think that's the case, because they keep them there until they sell out. I've lucked out with fresh batches, methinks. So, I guess I should amend my statement to say "call ahead and check when they came in".

            2. re: geekyfoodie

              I also really like the red velvet cupcakes at Influx in Golden Hill. They may be the same ones actually - she comes in and bakes them every morning and they sell out within a few hours, so between 11 and 2 would be the time to go!