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Help with munchies to go with champagne

My husband is taking a group of work associates to dinner tomorrow - and they have chosen to go to a very tasty german restaurant. They plan to fill up on beer and heavy foods! 8 of them are coming to the house prior and I am having champagne and munchies while they wait for the car service (can you tell a lot of drinking is involved?) I am struggling on what to serve. I thought I would make - but I need 1 more thing. Any suggestions? And what should I do with the brie? Oh - and it has to be easy - I am way behind in my christmas shopping, baking, etc....

Crabmeat salad on cucumber rounds
Rosemary Cashews
Something with the beautiful baby brie I bought from the cheese store yesterday

I don't want anything too heavy since they will be filling up later in the night!

Thanks for the help :)

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  1. Anything with smoked salmon is a good idea. It could be just a seafood-type spread or (preferably in my opinion) just grab a couple packs of the smoked salmon at the grocery store, spread them out nicely on a platter and serve with crackers and condiments like sour cream/creme fraiche, chopped onions/shallots, capers... you get the idea.

    The only real prep work involved with this is chopping up some onions and taking the salmon out of those air-tight wrapped packages.

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      I have to agree with the smoked salmon. We had our office holiday party and they served a wonderful canape.... a thin baguette was topped with a galic spread and broiled then cut in small slices, topped with a thin layer of cream cheese spread, then the smoked salmon. Garnished with a small dolop of sour cream, a couple of capers and a tiny pinch of dill...... Wonderful

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        Smoked salmon, matjes or other North Sea fish, a bit of crème fraîche and dill on little rounds of bread would go great with the German theme, too.

    2. How about shrimp cocktail? That's pretty light and I can't think of much that is easier than that.

        1. I'd keep it very simple -- add some grapes, cut them into small clusters. For the brie, toast some almonds or walnut bits and heat up the brie & sprinkle the nuts on top and serve with bagel chips

          1. A light finger food like stuffed endive would be good - and there are so many ways to fill them!

            1. fresh fruit platter would go well with the brie or a cranberry/pineapple relish over the brie
              assortment of fresh veggies and yogurt dip
              deviled eggs
              shrimp cocktail
              platter of olives & pickles

              Would you consider serving a non alcoholic beverage as well as champagne?

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                Love the deviled eggs idea for a group of guys. And I have other non-alcoholic drinks on hand for anyone who wants one.

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                  Sounds great JennyH! We just hosted a small work gathering for new clients and I had non alcohol drinks on the brain. The deviled eggs always go fast! Next time I need to triple the recipe.

              2. Olives and bubbly are a great combo, and these won't fill up your guests - Olives baked in red wine. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

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                  i have done a couple of champagne tastings. some of the popular really easy things are:

                  krinkle cut chips with creme freshe & caviar
                  popcorn with truffle oil

                  really anything salty and fatty (junkfood) goes fantastic with bubbles!

                2. I love Sara Moulton's idea of popcorn with lemon juice and good parm. She specifically recommends it with champagne.

                  1. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ma...

                    We do this at every party (half the vinegar). It is a big hit. I double the fennel bulbs and omit the green beans. When cut up, I place all of the veggies separately in different sized glasses so they stand up and serve the dip in a bowl.

                    Also serve small skewers of grape tomatoes and prsciutto wrapped bocconcini (smallest ones, if not half them) with pesto drizzled on them. It takes very little prosciutto and these too can be made ahead with the pesto drizzle going on them just before serving.

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                        I was about to recommend macadamia nuts with the champagne, until I noticed that this shindig happened last night.

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                          Gougeres sound perfect! Mmmm, now I want to make some.

                        2. Sorry, I have to ask you something else. Did you ever find out how to make the sauce you had from Crisp and Juicy? I like their yellow mild one. I can make the chicken well already. With their sauce, it will make the meal better. Thanks.