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Dec 12, 2008 10:52 AM

Help with munchies to go with champagne

My husband is taking a group of work associates to dinner tomorrow - and they have chosen to go to a very tasty german restaurant. They plan to fill up on beer and heavy foods! 8 of them are coming to the house prior and I am having champagne and munchies while they wait for the car service (can you tell a lot of drinking is involved?) I am struggling on what to serve. I thought I would make - but I need 1 more thing. Any suggestions? And what should I do with the brie? Oh - and it has to be easy - I am way behind in my christmas shopping, baking, etc....

Crabmeat salad on cucumber rounds
Rosemary Cashews
Something with the beautiful baby brie I bought from the cheese store yesterday

I don't want anything too heavy since they will be filling up later in the night!

Thanks for the help :)

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  1. Anything with smoked salmon is a good idea. It could be just a seafood-type spread or (preferably in my opinion) just grab a couple packs of the smoked salmon at the grocery store, spread them out nicely on a platter and serve with crackers and condiments like sour cream/creme fraiche, chopped onions/shallots, capers... you get the idea.

    The only real prep work involved with this is chopping up some onions and taking the salmon out of those air-tight wrapped packages.

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      I have to agree with the smoked salmon. We had our office holiday party and they served a wonderful canape.... a thin baguette was topped with a galic spread and broiled then cut in small slices, topped with a thin layer of cream cheese spread, then the smoked salmon. Garnished with a small dolop of sour cream, a couple of capers and a tiny pinch of dill...... Wonderful

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        Smoked salmon, matjes or other North Sea fish, a bit of crème fraîche and dill on little rounds of bread would go great with the German theme, too.

    2. How about shrimp cocktail? That's pretty light and I can't think of much that is easier than that.

        1. I'd keep it very simple -- add some grapes, cut them into small clusters. For the brie, toast some almonds or walnut bits and heat up the brie & sprinkle the nuts on top and serve with bagel chips

          1. A light finger food like stuffed endive would be good - and there are so many ways to fill them!