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Looking for amazing chocolates

I need something really special to give as a holiday gift. I love Neuhaus chocolates, but would like to try something different for a change. Any suggestions?

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  1. Kee's chocolates at 80 Thompson street downtown is really fabulous.


    Jaques Torres is also a favorite, but I think Kee's might have more interesting choices.

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        Kees is super-great, but I wouldn't ship them. They are really best the day you buy them. You may need to order ahead of time, she's probably busy. Give her a call.

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          Agreed - but OP didn't mention if she was shipping them or not. If you are going to hand deliver within a day, it should be OK.

          The fresher they are the better. Kee makes the chocolates fresh every day.

      2. Kee's Chocolate in SOHO (and apparently at some location in a bank in midtown) has fabulous chocolates, made inhouse everyday. They will blow Neuhaus away.

        1. Lot's of threads on this. Agree w/Kee's. I also like Pierre Marcolini and La Maison du Chocolat.

          1. Vosges haute Chocolat has some great and innovative truffles. I don't know anyone else in the city who makes bacon chocolate or curried truffles.

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              ...in my experiences with Vosges, the truffles never taste as good as they sound.

              Kee's is pretty innovative, too: thai chili, creme brulee, basalmic vinegar, black pepper, earl grey, yuzu, lemongrass, etc.

              Oh, and if you want bacon + chocolate, go with Roni-Sue's pig candy.

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                I feel the same way about Vosges.

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                  Roni-Sue's pig candy - is that chocolate covered bacon? I think I've heard something about this, where do they sell it?

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                    Yes, the pig candy is the chocolate covered bacon. She has a booth at Essex Street Market.

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                      Hmmm.... I might have to pick some up for the Holidays.

                      Would it travel well or is it really best eaten the day it's made?

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                        I'm not sure; I'd call or ask them directly.

              2. Teuscher champagne truffles are absolute heaven... there are a bunch of locations in nyc and i;ve heard they ship well..

                1. Discovered Kee's thanks to this Board. The best chocolates I have ever had. Agree with other posts, they are best eaten the same or next day. Also suggest you call ahead to place your order. There is a new-ish chocolate shop on Wall near my office. I went in to explore and chocolates look amazing. Have not tried them yet.

                  1. DeLeonidis
                    hands down!

                    store on Madison Ave.

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                        I like Leonidas, and think they are far better than Neuhaus, but I still think Kee's are far better. Used to love the Belgian chocolates carried by Bergdorf's - Manon? - but that was years ago.

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                          Agreed. Leonidas is fine, but the other chocolates mentioned in this thread are much better.

                      1. Roni Sue's at the Essex Street Market-NYC--I know people are talking about the bacon covered chocolates--but she has so many other divine treats--her fig and chocolate and her pumpkin filled chocolates--yum--she is very nice to and you can sample-

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                          Thanks for the reminder. I sampled some Roni Sue's at the Chocolate Show this year and really enjoyed them. It was one of the booths I circled back to a few times.

                        2. Leonidas is considered to be a lesser brand in Belgium than Neuhaus. I work frequently in Belgium and have had both Vosges and Kee's. I agree that Kee's is great, but that they won't travel well. As an alternative, I would suggest seeing if Pierre Marcolini offers shipments in the NYC vicinity or if there is anyone who sells them there. These are considered to be the best that Brussels has to offer. I always pick up a box every trip to Brussels. You will not be disappointed!