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Dec 12, 2008 10:07 AM

Columbus--M, Rosendale's, G. Michael's, or other?


I did some searching for nice places to have dinner in Columbus--I am not local but want to get a gift certficate for some friends for Christmas. Last year I sent them to Barcelona, which they enjoyed, but I'd like to do something different. I know they like Lindy's and G. Michael's, and from reading this board I also see recommendations for "M" (is it really corporate? The website was a little...sterile) and Rosendale's.

Any other suggestions, or ones to cross off this list?


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  1. M is not corporate at all, were there pictures on the website? It's beautiful inside, and the food is brilliant! I took a friend for their 40th birthday and it was wonderful. A little more upscale than Barcelona, but then I think Barcelona might be my favorite restaurant in Columbus! I would highly recommend M.

    1. I think M is a little corporate. It is owned by the Cameron Mitchell chain, and it is very beautiful but I think there are more unique experiences to be had in Columbus. That being said, I have never had a bad meal there. I just think the wine list is a complete rip-off. Rosendale's is unique. I had one good and one bad experience there. The plates are very beautiful but something was a little bland about my last meal. I would recommend L'Antibes or Alana's or Worthington Inn, although if I were your friends I wouldn't be disappointed by the ones you suggested either!

      1. I would have to add The Refectory to your list, and I'm sure fellow Chowhounders will chime in and attest to it as well.

        1. M switched Chefs and I've not been back. The brilliant mind from M went to BoMA instead and the brilliance of BoMA moved to Luce.

          In order of excellence in Cbus based on the chef and the ambiance/service: Refectory > Worthington Inn > BoMA > Rosendales.

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            I know it's tacky to bump my own post, but it's either that or start a new one, and I'm not sure which is worse :). After a year, any changes/new recommendations? I know places open/close/go downhill.

            I'm looking for somewhere where a nice dinner for two can be had for $100 - $150 with a drink or two... Fancy is not required, and any ethnicity is fine. Proximity to German Village is a plus, but not required. Past choices were Lindey's, Barcelona, G Michael's, and I think all were enjoyed.

            Are there additions/deletions, or should I recycle/pick from last year's not-chosen list? Thanks much!

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              Try The Top Steakhouse in Bexley (10 min east of GV). Wonderful prime red meat, old school service & atmosphere.


          2. Rosendales has closed. I'd go for G Michaels or the Worthington Inn

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              Worthington Inn or Alana's. Haven't been to M since the chef change, but the menu looks great and the room shines.