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Columbus--M, Rosendale's, G. Michael's, or other?

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I did some searching for nice places to have dinner in Columbus--I am not local but want to get a gift certficate for some friends for Christmas. Last year I sent them to Barcelona, which they enjoyed, but I'd like to do something different. I know they like Lindy's and G. Michael's, and from reading this board I also see recommendations for "M" (is it really corporate? The website was a little...sterile) and Rosendale's.

Any other suggestions, or ones to cross off this list?


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  1. M is not corporate at all, were there pictures on the website? It's beautiful inside, and the food is brilliant! I took a friend for their 40th birthday and it was wonderful. A little more upscale than Barcelona, but then I think Barcelona might be my favorite restaurant in Columbus! I would highly recommend M.

    1. I think M is a little corporate. It is owned by the Cameron Mitchell chain, and it is very beautiful but I think there are more unique experiences to be had in Columbus. That being said, I have never had a bad meal there. I just think the wine list is a complete rip-off. Rosendale's is unique. I had one good and one bad experience there. The plates are very beautiful but something was a little bland about my last meal. I would recommend L'Antibes or Alana's or Worthington Inn, although if I were your friends I wouldn't be disappointed by the ones you suggested either!

      1. I would have to add The Refectory to your list, and I'm sure fellow Chowhounders will chime in and attest to it as well.


        1. M switched Chefs and I've not been back. The brilliant mind from M went to BoMA instead and the brilliance of BoMA moved to Luce.

          In order of excellence in Cbus based on the chef and the ambiance/service: Refectory > Worthington Inn > BoMA > Rosendales.

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            I know it's tacky to bump my own post, but it's either that or start a new one, and I'm not sure which is worse :). After a year, any changes/new recommendations? I know places open/close/go downhill.

            I'm looking for somewhere where a nice dinner for two can be had for $100 - $150 with a drink or two... Fancy is not required, and any ethnicity is fine. Proximity to German Village is a plus, but not required. Past choices were Lindey's, Barcelona, G Michael's, and I think all were enjoyed.

            Are there additions/deletions, or should I recycle/pick from last year's not-chosen list? Thanks much!

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              Try The Top Steakhouse in Bexley (10 min east of GV). Wonderful prime red meat, old school service & atmosphere.


          2. Rosendales has closed. I'd go for G Michaels or the Worthington Inn

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              Worthington Inn or Alana's. Haven't been to M since the chef change, but the menu looks great and the room shines.

            2. since we're on the subject of columbus restaurants how about Scalia? I'm from New England, trying to find an italian restaurant I can get a gift certificate for my daughter.Good food , nothing too fancy.

              1. oops! it's Scali and it's in Reynoldsburg.

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                  Luce, hands down - not only "not too fancy" but the best Italian (along with Rigsby's in the Short North) I've had outside of New York in a long time. My review is on this board.

                  http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/635363 Luce

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                    uhockey read your review of Luce, sounds fantastic. Next time I'm visiting my daughter I'll definitely put it on my list. The arugula and tangerine salad is something I put together at home and is always a hit.
                    I'm still thinking Scali might be the way to go for homesick homestyle 'red sauce' italian. Also checked out your blog. You sure eat well. thanks.

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                      Scali is reviewed very well, but I guess my dining style leans more towards the esoteric. I'm sure it is good, but I'd place Luce on par with places like Babbo, Valentino, etc in terms of the food.