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Dec 12, 2008 08:59 AM

ISO a Tagine

Hello -

I would like to get my fiance a tagine for Christmas and wanted ideas on where to go to get one - the more traditional the better. I would like to be able to include maybe a recipe book and spices. I would order one online, but we are leaving on the 22nd and I don't want it sitting on our front porch for a week. Anywhere withing an hour of Boston is fine. Thanks!

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  1. Porter Square Shopping Plaza. Go to TAGS and select the tangine, then head next door to the Porter Square Bookstore and buy the cookbook. If you have some time, grab a coffee at the bookstore and review the books before purchasing. [Red Line: Porter Square stop.]

    For spices, I would consider Christina's in Inman Square or Penzey's in Arlington. Whole Foods would also have the basics if that is more convenient.

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      I bought mine in the south end at the store next to Formaggio's... They have solid brown and painted ones and sell a few cookbooks as well.

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        That shop is the Syrian Grocery Importing Company, one of the last vestiges of the old South End. Hours are a little irregular, though listed as Tue - Sat, 11:30am - 6:30pm. Also a good place for Middle Eastern groceries (including preserved lemons and fresh figs) and some prepared foods (like fresh spinach pies).

    2. Just ordered one from Sur La Table for my brother in law. They have a wide range but I ordered what I consider to be the more authentic at $24.95 because its pottery, like a casserole. Love mine because it came with a receipe book (the greatest thing is to throw in all the dead fruit with the meat and it makes unbelievable sauce.

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        I wanted to buy the Tagine Gift Set from Sur La Table, but the speedy shipping was too expensive. I called the store at the Chestnut Hill Mall but they are out!

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          I saw them at Sur la Table in Chestnut Hill today.

      2. Cuisinart has tangines at the Wrentham Outlet. They have Moroccan cookbooks as well.

        I have a more traditional painted one, but am afraid to use it for fear of breakage, and would love to experiment with the Cuisinart first.

        1. As to the cookbook, may I recommend Arabesque by Claudia Roden? It is actually divided into three sections, for Moroccan, Lebanese, and Turkish cuisine, but it has several tagine recipes, and everything I have made from has been just spectacular.

          1. I'll second Syrian Grocery and I adore Arabesque by Claudia Roden. You learn so much from her and as Reneémarie said, the recipes work.