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Dec 12, 2008 08:28 AM

Chowish re-use challenge

I have some remaining goat cheese and olive oil with herbs in a jar. We've eaten all the lumps of cheese and only a sort of sludge -- a delicious sludge, mind you -- of goat cheese, olive oil, and herbs remains. I'm trying to come up with a creative use for this to bring to a potluck tonight. Some of our potluck's participants are, moreover, gluten-free, so that rules out my first idea, which was dribbling it all over an opened loaf of crusty bread and sticking it under the broiler. I'm not sure I'll have time to whip up a GF pizza crust. Any ideas? It could also make a good salad dressing or dip base, but as you can see I haven't come up with much yet.

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  1. How about using it to make a frittata? You can saute up some additional veggies, and serve the dish at room temp, in small slices.

    1. roasted stuffed tomatoes...... - use the juice to kind of bind together some leftover rice or GF bread . Although my 1st choice would probably as a dressing for salad. Could always get some more goat cheese and pour oil over top for presentation and flavor.
      Roast tons of garlic and puree whole mess together and should make a yummy dip spread ( might break so might need a smidge of mayo or a yolk)

      1. If you have some GF pasta available, I would use it over pasta as a salad dressing.

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          CeeBee gave my suggestion. I just love reusing the bottoms of jars for salad dressing or for pasta. I had a similar jar of left over oil from a jar of olives the other day and I mixed it with the leftover vinegar from a jar of peppercinis and dumped it over a bowl of peppers (green and red), olives, onions, cucumbers, and a can of 3 types of beans. Or just for a normal salad with greens and other veggies.


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            Great suggestions, critter101, coastie, CeeBee, and atwistedlime! Thanks for the help! (I'm leaning toward the frittata...)

        2. I would purchase a small piece of roast beef and roast it with the contents of your jar. Then once room temp slice it super thin and serve on a cucumber round or piece of red pepper.

          1. How about drizzling it over some hummous!