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Dec 12, 2008 08:07 AM

Business Lunch on Monday ... Le Paradou?

My husband is heading down to DC Monday morning for a business lunch for two, and has asked me to help him find a place. We lived there about five years ago, so are somewhat familiar with places, and he does go down there a couple of times a year. Usually he ends up at Kinkead's or Taberna for lunch, and, on occasion, Gerard's Place.

He was wondering about Le Paradou - I searched the board, but didn't find much about it other than quick recommendations, and while it's well rated on Zagat, the user comments there were less than stellar. We'd been to Tosca when we lived in D.C., but he decided that he didn't think it was great. Bistro LePic was one of our favorites when we lived there, but might be a bit out of the way (he's coming in to Union Station).

So, any thoughts on Le Paradou or other good choices? Price not an issue. He'd thought about Komi, but they aren't open for lunch.


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  1. In my experience Le Paradou has not been that great, and it is really pricy for the qualty of food/service. Other good options in that Penn Quarter area are Rasika (really good, sorta swanky, indian-fusion), Proof (American/Wine bar), and Central (Michel Richard's bistro).

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      Thanks - I'll pass that on - I think all of those places have opened since we lived there.

    2. My recent experience at Tosca was very good and it would be a good place for a business meeting if noise is an issue.

      Gerard's place is closed.

      He can take the circulator bus from Union Station for a short ride on Mass. Ave to Acadiana (7th and Mass. Ave.), which I think is quite good for business lunches. I like the food, and I grew up in Louisiana if that adds any cred to my recommendation.

      If people recommend Corduroy (which I would, too), be aware that it is not open for lunch on Mondays.

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        Did Gerard open up anything else, or has he retired? Thanks for the recommendations.

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          LP is a great place for a business lunch. It is very high end, very proper, very sedate, excellent food, etc.

          I am not sure it is perfect for a "working" business lunch, but it is certainly ideal for a "celebrate/thank-you/happy-holidays" business lunch.

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            He's meeting someon for the first time - all I know about the man is that he is Iranian.

        2. re: dcandohio

          I second Tosca... it's one of my favorite places in DC. And, for a business lunch, the food is pretty universally appetizing and the atmosphere is quiet without being dull.

        3. The food there is very good, and they do a good lunch special. I think they have a better deal for lunch than dinner, I like their dinner, but it is a little more splurge. I wouldn't do a business lunch at Rasika with all the hot food, or Central because it tends to be loud and the tables are kind of close. I love the food it is one of my favorite places, but I would go with more formal a little quieter for a first meeting.

          1. Thanks for all the tips - he ended up going to Taberna for a lovely lunch - his guest was thrilled with his serrano, and rabbit entree.