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Dec 12, 2008 07:18 AM

Craftbar- what to order?

What have you ordered at craftbar?? Any reccomendations??

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  1. I've only been a few times, but here are my favs:

    Pecorino-Stuffed Risotto Balls
    Duck Prosciutto Bruschetta, Duck Egg, Arugula Orange Purée - great!
    Chicken Liver Pâté, Crostini, Pickles

    I'd pass on these:
    Pig’s Head Torchon, Pickled Market Vegetables was a bit too much for me
    Sausage-Stuffed Sage Leaves were boring

    1. Just wanted to mention that there have been some downhill reports at Craftbar (not Craft) in the recent months. DH was there a few months ago (without me) and said that it was really terrible -- food and service. The food was really oversalted and covered with pools of oil. And he has a really high threshold for bad food. I'm probably the pickier one from the both of us.

      But if you are still going, I've had great sweetbreads and pork chops there in the past.

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        I was actually there last week for the first time and the service was fabulous, the food was for the most part great. I had the shortribs and the grits were cooked to perfection. I started this thread because I was just interested to see what others enjoyed there! I am going there again tonight... Hopefully last friday wasn't a one time occurance. It's afforable and in a convenient area.

        I must say I didnt like the duck bruschetta. Probably a personal preferance though. I am picky about intense orange flavor being incorporated into savory dishes.

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          I don't think it's gone downhill. I don't think it's ever been very good since it's switched locations. Some dishes have their moments, but the food can be very uneven.

        2. The short ribs and the scallops were both great (although my mother did think the portion size on the scallop dish was a bit small.) I didn't have the grits that came with the short ribs as I'm allergic to gluten, so they substituted the mashed potatoes from another dish, and those were good. I wouldn't recommend the mussels appetizer, as I thought it was a bit flavorless, but everything else we had was great.

          1. I was there on Monday evening. A few friends and I had drinks at the bar and then sat down for dinner. The service was great. We enjoyed the Pecorino Stuffed Risotto Balls and Pecorino Fondue ( I know a little heavy on the pecorino) but the fondue was extremely tasty. I had the House-made Cavatelli Bolognese which was very heavy but excellent. It was not very oily - which i would expect from a meat sauce. Very well done.

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            1. re: kissy28c

              I really liked the pecorini fondue when I had it..