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Dec 12, 2008 06:48 AM

Affordable, family-friendly restaurant in Midtown?

There will be 13 of us in NY on Saturday meeting for dinner. We will be taking in the Christmas sights generally in the Rockefeller Center area -- may get down to Macy's but not sure.

There will be 6 adults and 7 kids, ranging in age from 5 to 15. My sister recommended Carmine's for family-friendly. She says the food isn't spectacular, but it's good and the portions are huge for sharing (seems like a Maggiano's?). Sounds like it'll work for our group, but I wanted to know if anyone had any other suggestions.

Please post soon -- we're going tomorrow! Thanks!


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  1. Please tell us your price point -- for main dish, appetizer plus dessert, and tax (8.35%) and tip (12-20% though with a group of that size often imposed by restaurant) -- and how many will be drinking alcoholic beverages. Also - what cuisines to peopel like? any absolute noes?

    Also - with a group of 13, I think reserving ahead is highly desirable and on a Sat night near the holidays many places may alread be full, so I think you should quickly identify places and use

    1. With 7 kids and total of 13 people, I would listen to your sister and head to Carmines. Not a gourmet experience, but decent food, nice portions served family style and it will be much easier for them to accodate a crowd than many other places. I would call in advance though and get a reservation.

      1. Try for a table upstairs at Angelo's Pizza on 57th bet. 6th & 7th ave. They get groups like yours. The pizza is wonderful [thin crust], they've got great salads and also pastas.
        it works really well for sharing.