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Dec 12, 2008 05:58 AM

(Whole) Armandino's Salumi in FFD County?

Does anyone know places in Fairfield County or thereabouts that I can purchase whole salumi from Armandino Batali's Salumi?

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  1. Don't know anywhere in CT where you can buy it, but you can (sometimes) order it from their site:

    1. I believe they sell it as an antipasto at Tarry Lodge. Maybe they could help you...

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      1. re: roxlet

        I called; no luck. The first time I've had that salumi was at Tarry Lodge, and it was really like no other I've had - the flavor, the texture, etc. I'll keep looking - I'm hoping to avoid the costs of mail-order, but may have no choice.

        1. re: adam

          My next step would be to go to the web site and call the number there and ask if they have a place that retails in the area. If you get any info, please report back! I had gone to the web site in the past and had seen that you have to email all your credit card info to place an order. I think that is a very irresponsible way to have customers order since that is an easy way to have all your info hijacked! That's why most places have security if your going to use your credit card!

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            jfood thinks you may want to re-check the web order process. It asks for the address and order, not the card number. it will send an email confirmation of your order and then you call in the credit card info.

            Jfood agrees that if you send an email with CC info you will appear on the next Visa commercial, but it appears they are not asking for all the info in an email.


            1. re: jfood

              You are so right, jfood! I misread the bit about the ordering process...

              1. re: roxlet

                jfood wanted to make sure that if you wanted to order, you still could and feel safe.

                Happy Holidays