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Dec 12, 2008 05:36 AM

Fresh corn tortillas in Indianapolis

I'm planning to check out "the tamale place" tomorrow (saturday). It sounds kind of hyped though. Any other suggestions for fresh tortillias? And tangentially, was anyone seen smoked tofu in this city? I haven't found it at WF, TJ, or Saraga.

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  1. The tamale place is really pretty good. It is a drive, unless you live on the west side, but the quality worth it. If you are going to carry out, I would arrive early for a better selection of fillings. They offer about a dozen different tamales and when they sell out, you get the ones nobody else wants.
    On the tortillia and taco frontier, I wish I could find a place that was trustworthy. All the small restaurants that I liked, have gone out of business. Any ideas out there?