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Dec 12, 2008 04:54 AM

MOLINILLO in Balto-Annapolis area- a chocolate frother

Hello. Where can I buy good quality latino goods? I live near Glen Burnie, Baltimore, and Annapolis. I am particularly interested in Colombian or Mexican sweetened hot chocolate bars and the special wooden whisk called molinillo. It would be great to also find the special pot, which is tall and pitcher-shaped, but the name of which I don't know.

I am hoping to assemble some reasonably priced, but amazing, gift baskets.

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  1. Try any Shoppers, they usually have a wide variety of Latino products. Ther is one on Route. In addition, also on Route 2 in front of the mall, they opened up a "Gigante" supermarket, that advirtises itself as a mercado, I havent been yet, but it should be worth checking out and see what they have on tap - they should have the chocolate you are looking for and maybe a molinillo, dunno about the jar. Maybe Pueblo Azul

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      It's Fresh World International market, and from what I recall, most of the cooking instruments they sell are more towards the Korean audience (kimchi fermentors, etc). They might have the chocolate, but I didn't notice it. I'd say they have two or three aisles devoted to hispanic food, plus a refrigerated aisle. As for Shopper's, their selection is far more limited and I'd be really surprised if you find what you're looking for there.

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        Looks like I will have to import from NYC. I'm having my mom check out Jackson Heights, Queens.

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