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Dec 12, 2008 04:47 AM

Where's the Best Breakfast/Brunch in Berrien & Cass Counties Michigan?

Where's the Best Breakfast/Brunch in Berrien & Cass Counties Michigan?

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  1. I'd love to find out. I travel through there and haven't found anything all that good. I've been to Sophia's House of Pancakes in Benton Harbor ( ) and it's just okay, not much better than the nearby IHOP.

    1. I think Sophia's and its much better than IHOP.It has the same exact menu as Blueberry Hill in Niles.That being said its I am sure a Greek family run restaurant as many of that ilk are in Berrien County.There is Prime Table in Niles again the Greek coffess shop breakfast all day type of restaurant.Once in a while I will stop in the what is it Cozy Corner or Cozy Kitchen on Front street in Niles.This is one of those biscuits and gravy type of places where everyone knows each other and you know they know you arent a regular when you go in there.I thinks its one of those 6am to 1 pm kind of places just breakfast and some lunch.Probably Cracker Barrel has taken a lot of the business in that Stevensville area but there is a restaurant on Red Arrow around Glenlord Road that opened in the last few years that I have noticed .In Brigman there is Sammy's which I have always enjoyed for breakfast and across the street is Olympus which I do not think is as good.In Three Oaks a lot of people enjoy Viola's.I am not sure about the menu at Bailey's Cafe.Skip's in Union Pier is open for Sunday brunch and the prime rib alone is worth the price of admission.Hannah's in New Buffalo has always had a nice Saturday/Sunday brunch.Kites kitchen is good.Rosie's diner or the Wheel Inn aren't worth going out of your way for but if you are in the area.I do not know much of what is goingon in Cass County.We walked by the Woodfire Grill in Dowagiac and saw they had what appeared to be a nice Sunday brunch.Actually while I am thinking of it the Fourwinds casino puts out a nice spread in the buffet and the Willowbrook cafe there has an all day breakfast menu and it is open 24 hours.The prices are fairly reasonable.All in all there is no where that I would tell someone to drive out from Chicago for nor are there probably any real outstanding places but you can still eat pretty well here.My favorites would be Sophia's and Sammy's.Good luck.I am sure others will chime in with pleny more I missed.

      1. Thank You for all your help, I have tried Sophia's and like it, I was hoping for some suggestions for more local spots, I never been to Sammy's, but I'll make sure I'll try it! Also, I didn't know Skip's did brunch, will also put that on my list to try! Thanks again to all!!

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          If you're looking up information on Sammie's in Bridgman, it will be easier to find if you spell it Sammie's (not Sammy's as the previous poster spelled it).

          Also, if you're willing to go just a wee bit further east from Cass County, Bravo! in Kalamazoo does an outstanding buffet style brunch on Sundays. It's right off I-94, across the street from the airport.

        2. being vegetarian I am always on the prowl for good restaurants that I can eat at. Sophia's is good, I was regular, but like many restaurants, the prices went up, it took me out.
          I don't like IHOP and how they deal with their food pricing, I fairly recently went in there had a basic egg cheese omelet and hash browns were extra, and again they are getting pricey.
          Theres supposed to be a good brunch in one of the Sj Joe downtown hotel restaurants, but I have never been to one...yet, Maritmes had one going but that restaurant doesnt seem to be open any more. Theres a little cubby hole restaurant that does restaurant and has a website, I forget but its menu look yummy and prices reasonable.
          The Watertown restaurant in Coloma does a Sunday Brunch.
          Avani's in Berrien springs next to the Honor Credit union is very good , always does a buffet, has a sunday brunch, closed saturday, has a 2 week rotating menu for the buffet, so everyday is differrent.
          St Joe Pizza hut does the daily pizza buffet weekday but does a tuesday eve buffet also-5-7pm. Its the best pizza buffet so far anywhere, most other Huts dropped the buffets and salad bars, but Stevensville still has the bar.
          Tony's in St Joe (I think its Tonys, just north of the Pizza Hut) has some yummy breakfasts, the feta and spinach omelette fab served with the sauce. Then theres the Augustino's next to the Coaches restaurant (former mexican restaurant)
          and nearby is the other breakfast restaurant..
          For the Price on former 33 road north of South Bend north of Cleveland road is Elaines, good beat 11 am breakfast specials, have a cheese omelette for maybe not much more 5 bucks with drink.
          Golden Corral in Mishawaka on Main street near the Home Depot does a fri-sun Breakfast Buffet, its not my fav, my fav is the Old County Buffet in the mall area where Hobby Lobby is, breakfast buffet, they do poached eggs and the usual custom omelette and buffet spreads, thats my fav place.
          I'll have to look for Skips other place.
          In the mean time I make my own mean vegetarian Eggs Benedict at home.
          If I find/know more I'll be back


          1. The Blue Plate Cafe, in Union Pier (on the Red Arrow Hwy). Fabulous range of egg dishes, great array of homemade baked goods, solid coffee.