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Dec 12, 2008 04:47 AM

Christmas Lunch in London

My wife and I will be in London for Christmas and are looking for some recommendations for places to have a nice, traditional Christmas lunch. No family around, so we're going the restaurant route! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers :)

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  1. This may sound like a cop-out answer, but I really think that a nice hotel might be your best bet. Where are you staying please?

    Edit: Just checked the official public transport guide and the tube looks fine, so getting around should be ok. It also mentions a Christmas lunch cruise on p6, but the quality of this is anybody's guess:

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      "Just checked the official public transport guide and the tube looks fine" - doesn't it say that there are no services (including buses, and overground trains) running on Christmas day?

      If you plan to lunch in London on Christmas Day then you need to walk or get a cab (if you can find one). Also need to be mindful that the network starts to shut down between 19:00 and 21:00 on Christmas eve.

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        Phil......You are absolutely right! Sorry noonoo3, but those mushrooms did taste a bit odd, and I must have mis-read.

    2. There are lists of restaurants open for Christmas... found by Googling. There are definitely different price ranges available, so let your budget be your guide. Hotels tend to be pricey but are a good option. Rules and Simpsons are two restaurants known for 'traditional,' so you could check them, too. I hope you find a lovely place to eat... and that someone has a table still available. Things book up so quickly in London!

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        Choose a place you can walk to because cabs are eye-wateringly expensive on Christmas day, when there is absolutely no public transportation. I suppose you could look at renting a car, if you're not intimated by central London roads.

      2. You may find toptable's late availability page helpful:

        It's the easiest way I can think of for finding availability at such short notice.

        1. Thanks for all the help. We are staying in the W2 area and managed to find a table at the Boxwood cafe (Knightsbridge)...Will be a bit of a walk but after all that food we'll probably need it!