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Dec 12, 2008 04:19 AM

Romantic Sushi at Nori

I went to Nori on 2nd Ave near St Marks. and had a Romantic sushi meal. The place is small, cozy, dimly lit. The fish is very fresh. Some of the special appetizers are good, i had some salmon tartare, and a hamachi appetizer , both excellent, I also had a cooked wagyu beef appetizer excellent. A good thing about this place is you can have sushi, tempura, soups, not limited to sushi like some places with no real kitchens. There is a tatami room, and a small private room. I have been there with traditonal older people who arrived from Japan for there first visit to US and they loved this place as well. The prices are reasonable as well. Nori the owner , was the manager of Tribeca Takahachi.

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  1. How does the fish compare to other places in the neighborhood?

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      Nori's fish is fresh, not as many varieties as kanoyama,, as good as takahachi, and better than alot of others in the neighborhood