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Dec 11, 2008 09:12 PM

Crepe it Up – review + pics

When the SO was in town last month, we had an opportunity to stop by Crepe it Up as a mini meal before our Afternoon Tea appointment at C5 ( The spot we went to is the sister store of the stall in the lower level of the St. Lawrence Market. Located on Church at Wellesley, this little unassuming shop offers some good crepes as a nice, light snack. The space is clean and welcoming. There large floor to ceiling windows let in a lot of light and provide a nice view of the street. Thanks to the chowhounders that reviewed it before I got to sample it ( ,



Their menu has all the basic sweet crepes you would want including Nutella, Apple & cinnamon, and Butter with sugar icing. However, they also offer some savoury crepes such as The Breakfast (Egg, onion, mushroom, green peppers, tomato, cheese and dried vegetable seasoning) as well as the Eggs Benedict (Egg, Smoked Salmon, Spinach, mushrooms, capers, and Hollandaise sauce). Some interesting sweet varieties include the Suzette (Orange Juice/lemon juice, sugar and Grand Marnier). Their crepes are all around the $5 mark, with sweet crepes falling a bit below, and savoury, more substantial ones a bit above.


SO and I selected two of the more ‘adventurous’ crepes – the Suzette and the Benedict. They were delivered at the same time and it was great, because we were planning to share anyway. I stole the savoury one, so SO had to start on the dessert one first. The Suzette had a nice pucker to it from the lemon juice filling. It was topped with a drizzle of the Grand Marnier sauce and dusted with some icing sugar. The icing sugar was nice and sweet, but it wasn’t overpoweringly so because of the lemon. The Grand Marnier was barely perceptible. However, what was I expecting for a $4 crepe? Overall, it was a decent crepe that satisfied my sweet tooth. This crepe wouldn’t be worth going out of my way for, but it’s a nice little pick-me-up snack.

Crepe Suzette:

Next up was the Eggs Benedict. It was a well-stuffed crepe and it was served with a mini side salad. Not bad for $6.95, but I doubt this would fill me up as a regular meal. Thank goodness this was a snack about 30 minutes before our next meal at C5. I enjoyed the side salad as the vegetables were fresh and crisp. The mushrooms were a delicious addition to the salad and went well with the egg-based crepe. The dressing was light and sweet, yet citrus-y. The crepe was a winner. It was a tasty treat and the smoked salmon added a nice saltiness to the custardy egg filling. The spinach and mushrooms added a nice texture and flavour to the crepe as well. The Hollandaise was not bad and much more than I expected from a little place like this. The sweetness of the crepe itself really came out when juxtaposed against the savoury filling in this version. The batter is just a touch sweet making it a bit unexpected and special. Overall- a well done crepe. I found their savoury crepes to be much better than Cafe Crepe located on Queen that I sampled earlier this year. I found that one to be a touch too greasy with too much going on. But that could be a factor of what I ordered.

Eggs Benedict Crepe:

Crepe it up is a nice little spot to stop for a quick bite. Given its location inside the St Lawrence at its other location, I feel I will have many opportunities to sample its many crepes. The prices are a bit more than I would like to pay for a meal that will more likely than not leave me hungry in an hour or two. But I have to admit it is a tasty concoction. I would not rate it as a place to go out of your way to sample, but if you are in the area and feel like a sweet dessert, or nice snack - this would be a safe bet. The batter is definitely above average and its fillings are novel. They are freshly cooked to order and the presentation is quite whimsical. I enjoyed my snack and would probably have another in the future if in the area.

Cheers and Happy Eating!

2 Locations
507 Church Street (at Wellesley) &
St. Lawrence Market, Lower Level B7A
93 Front St. E.
Web information:

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  1. BokChoi, our most diligent and preeminent reviewer, thank you for another tasty and detailed treat.
    More Happy Eating Sir.

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    1. re: iamafoodie

      Thanks for your kind words, iamafoodie. I will definitely keep them coming as long as you all enjoy reading them. The positive feedback is very comforting and definitely gives me a drive to keep making posts.


    2. thanks for the review! have you gone to Crepes a Go Go? i'd be interested to know your thoughts on that place in comparison!

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      1. re: auberginegal

        I have not had a chance to try Crepes a Go Go, auberginegal. Do you recommend it? I generally do not tend to snack much so that I can save room for the big meals. Please let me know your thoughts.

        1. re: BokChoi

          i've been to Crepes a Go Go a couple times. i like that it reminds me of a french creperie, in atmosphere, and also iirc, the crepes come in the little paper cones so you can eat them out of your hand (no cutlery required). they have a pretty small menu, i liked the raspberry brie crepe (don't recall the name, as it was a different combination from my regular nutella-banane). the owner is French, and it's nice to have conversations with her as she is always encouraging people to speak french, including her staff. i'll have to give Crepe it Up a try, the Eggs Benedict one sounds appealing!

          1. re: auberginegal

            I had the strawberry and brie crepe at A Go Go, it was good but at around $9 felt it was overpriced for the measly ingredients.

            1. re: Teep

              $9 does seem a bit steep - is this the average price for their crepes, or is it just the fact that the brie was just a bit more 'high-end' an ingredient?

              1. re: BokChoi

                the brie was tasty but I don't think it's expensive for them nor high-end. This is not some imported triple-cream deal or anything.

                If you do go I would try the brie by itself. I prefer it savory than with the raspberry. They sometimes offer to sprinkle some parsley on it for you. Last time I got this crepe I believe it was $6 for brie only.

                1. re: CoffeeAddict416

                  Thanks for the suggestion, CoffeeAddict416. Now I feel like some crepes...

            2. re: auberginegal

              Paper cones idea seems like a neat idea (and neat for carrying). The brie combination does sound quite intriguing. Do let me know how you think the two compare if you manage to try them both before I get a chance to. Thanks.

        2. When I dont feel like cooking and need a quick, satisfying dinner I grab the Hawaiian crepe. I just really hate the kraft thousand island dressing they put on the side salad. Otherwise, a fave comfort food.

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          1. re: cupcakez

            Thanks for the report, cupcakez. I didn't notice them using thousand island on my salad, but I'll keep a look out next time.

            1. re: BokChoi

              Great review as always BokChoi! I live a couple of blocks away from Crepe It Up! and go there at least once a month. It's quick consistant comfort food. My faves are the Monster Crepe and the Veggie Crepe. They're hearty and filling and a steal at around $7 with the salad. Also I've had tons of crepes with the salad since they've been open and the salad dressing was always more like a mellow vinagerette, never got the thousand island.

              1. re: abigllama

                Thank you abigllama. Strange, I wonder how cupcakez got the thousand island dressing - perhaps it was a last minute substitute after running out of their regular dressing. That, or Kraft has gotten much better than I remembered.
                Monster Crepe sounds interesting, I should give that one a try next time.