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Dec 11, 2008 08:38 PM

Luke for Christmas Day? Also, CE decision.

I just made reservations for 8:30 on Christmas Day, and it wasn't that difficult. Is there a reason why? I just looked at reviews here on CH and while one person had a great experience on Christmas Day last year, another predicted the place would be closed soon due to the service problems. What's the word? Is this a sinking ship?

Any recs to replace if necessary? Rib Room (we are at the Omni) is already booked, no surprise.

I also just put in rez requests for Christmas Eve at Brennan's, Brussard's and Antoine's. If we get lucky for choice, which would you choose?

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  1. We orginally had reservations for Luke and then someone here said it probably wouldn't be very festive compared to some other places. We are staying at the Windsor Court and decided to eat there after reading some recent good reviews here. We'll go to Luke for lunch one day while in town. We are eating at Stella on xmas eve.

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      Sib, we're eating at Stella on Christmas eve as well .... the menu looks fantastic! We are renting an apt. for the week, so since we'll have a kitchen, decided to go to Langenstein's and St James Cheese and a few other places to pick up prepared food, and just relax and eat in on the 25th.

      Desylicious -- not sure about the status at Luke, but another reason you might have had no difficulty getting the reservation could (?) be that many people are opting for a big mid-day or mid-afternoon meal on Xmas Day, similar to Thanksgiving, rather than eating at 'normal' dinner time. In any case, try OpenTable. Looks like they still have tables for 2 at Zoe, Windsor Court and a few other places in the evening.

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        sibeats & rmw555, we're eating at Stella on Christmas Eve too.

        1. re: kftw

          It'll be a regular chowhound festivus!! We are looking forward to our trip, I keep rereading menus and drooling. We are having dinners at Mila, August, Herbsaint, Bayona and Stella. Had a reservation at Iris, but we have to cut our trip short by one day and that was the day...thinking of switching something for it, but I can't pick which one! We also have lunch plans at Cochon and Commanders. Where else are you all eating?

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            Dinners at Herbsaint, Brigtsen's, cooking class/dinner at the New Orleans Cooking Experience, and one night we'll probably stand at the bar at Acme and just have oysters :) Sunday brunch at Commander's. Can't wait!

    2. While I can't address Christmas day in particular, our experiences at Luke have always been top-shelf; service, food and graciousness of all staff encountered. Last visit (2-3 weeks ago) we sat at the kitchen window and this eye saw nothing untoward. No evidence of leaks in the hull.....but then, the Andrea Doria's captain also thought all was well.

      1. I've never had any problems at Luke either.

          1. re: edible complex

            You've set my mind at ease. We are sticking with Luke for Christmas Day, but moved it to mid-day. For Christmas Eve we're going to Brussard's, which has a German reveillon menu. It will be a lovely surprise for the German boyfriend.

            I haven't been back to New Orleans since I was 16 (20 yrs!), and I'm really excited to revisit as an adult. Thanks, all!

            1. re: desylicious

              We decided to skip the restaurant in our hotel (Zoe) in favor of Luke for a late afternoon xmas meal. I have lunch res for August on Friday, but was thinking finding something else.

              suggestions? I haven't eaten anywhere in NOLA in 4 years and only have a couple of days this trip.

              1. re: ieathereforeiam

                We ate at August two nights ago and it was the best meal we've had so far. I haven't posted my trip report yet, but MiLa was great, Bayona a huge disappointment, August fabulous and Stella last night was very good. We couldn't get into Luke today so we are going to grab lunch at MiLa and then go see an afternoon movie!

              2. re: desylicious

                So....I realize I'm three years late on this thread but we're thinking of NOLA for Christmas and I love to start the fantasizing way in advance. Just curious - how was that Christmas dinner at Luke and Christmas eve at Brussard's? Looking for good Christmas eats in the area. Thanks!