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Dec 11, 2008 07:46 PM

Drinking around Disney (not the parks)

Hi gang,
We'll be partaking of that Santa-gasm that is Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Mr. Ops, a working journalist (I'm also a journalist, but rarely work, haha!) will be very busy during our time in the Magic Kingdom, so afterwards we'll drop the kid with the grandparents and unwind with booze.

We're staying at the Contemporary, and will have a car but for obvious reasons would rather not drive. We do not have park access (other than the MK) so no beers around Epcot. Where are good places to drink -- and by drink I mean interesting beers on tap, maybe a good tequila selection, mixed drinks that don't cost $12 a pop -- that are accessible by monorail/boat/bus/etc.?

I hear PI is closed; that would have been our best bet. How's that Raglan's place? What's open late, pours heavy and might also have some decent nosh?


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  1. Raglan is our favorite Disney place. Apps are excellent noshes. They always have at least a half dozen Irish & UK beers on tap. Don't know about tequila, but I have sampled their Irish whiskeys. The only problem is the price...There are no cheap drinks on Disney property. But since you're staying on property, you can hop on the free bus back to your room. To go off property from the Contemporary, you're looking at 2 $20+ cab fares.

    1. Raglan would be a good destination, and, on the other end of Downtown Disney is House of Blues. For a hoot, stop in at T-Rex Cafe and sit under the gigantic octopus that hovers over the bar.
      In your own hotel, the bar area of the Wave, ground floor, is very nice (and just a woozie elevator ride away).
      At Disney's BoardWalk you'll find ESPN Club and Big River Grille and Brewing Works, which makes its own beers.

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        You might also want to head over to the lake buena vista area. If your not too "out of it"
        You can take the disney bus to the grovner hotel. Then hop a cab over to lk buena vista shopping center where there are several less expensive places. There is even a Hooters over there! The cab ride would only cost you $5 because it is very close. You could even walk if the weather is nice.

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          Why not go up to the California Grill and enjoy the view?

          1. re: HickTownBarnaby

            Without a reservation they may not be allowed up to California Grill, but it's a good thought, Barnaby.
            (I love the Hello Dolly reference in your name.)