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Nova lox or other smoked salmon

If you had to get a piece of smoked salmon - decent size, something we could eat for a while, where would you get it from? I am assuming mail order, shipping, etc..

Thx..- Grant

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  1. I don't know where you live, but I would just go to my favourite fish seller and have them order it in.

    1. Any interest in making at home? It's really easy

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        Yes, someday.. I'd like to try to some home smoking.. but for this, I am going to have to do mail-order. This is more for a Christmas gift thing for parents down in Florida, and being that I am travelling, I can't stuff a pound or two of smoked salmon the luggage.. I did search on there and find a previous thread, though, that spoke a lot about sites..

      2. A good fish store close to them is the best bet, but you can pick up decent frozen smoked salmon from a nearby Sam's or Costco. The pre-sliced slabs will last two days in the fridge, but the unsliced sides will go 3-4 days. Here is a mail order supplier of dry packs http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product....

        1. The best smoked salmon I have ever eaten comes from Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle. i have bought it from many other places including many mail order places in Alaska and nothing comes close to theirs. Their only real competition was a small store on highway one near Half Moon Bay in California that sold amazing stuff but I don't know what it was called or if it is still there. Their classic Alderwood smoked is fabulous. As a matter of fact I had some tonight for dinner that I brought back with me from Seattle in October. Wonderful. They sell a three pound sampler that includes the Alderwood, Pepper and Belly Strip Jerkey. You're going to pay dearly because of the shipping costs but you won't be disappointed.


          1. Russ & Daughters is amazing. I have purchased in person and also have received their items shipped to me as gifts. They are tops in quality, product knowledge and variety.

            (Their rugelach is quite good too! )


            1. Lox is not smoked--it is pickled salmon.

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                Nova is brined for a shorter period of time and cold smoked. Is it lox? Some say yes, some say no. Semantics. It's good

              2. Russ and Daughters , Barney Greengrass and Zabars all have delicious nova/lox, and all three will ship anywhere. Yes, both Costco and BJ's have packaged smoked salmon, these three offer a product far superior.


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                  I have looked the sites. Russ and Daughters pages on smoked salmon do not work.
                  Zabars offers thin machine sliced smoked salmon apparently farmed, from $28 and up (don't know if that is .5 lb or 1 lb.)
                  Barney Greengrass offers hand sliced, at $36 lb from two farmed sources in Canada and Norway.

                  Costco offers machine sliced salmon, farm raised and smoked in Norway, for $15 lb.

                  The customer can choose hype, or price..

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                    Russ & Daughter site seems to be working again!

                    I have had the Cosco, and many, many other brands. It's not just "hype" with the price. There are definite differences in flavor, texture, quality. There are times that you do get what you pay for...Whether or not the differences matter, vary by individual.

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                    As an at-times reluctant immigrant to New York, I have to say that Barney Greengrass's lox is one of the few things that makes the inconveniences of the Big Apple all worthwhile. It is VERY salty, however, so unless your parents like salt, I'd go with the Nova.

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                      Zabar's mmm. but see if H+H 'cross the street will ship too for the bagels.