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Dec 11, 2008 06:58 PM

Cobre restaurant in Gastown (Vancouver)

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you're tried it.

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  1. i really enjoyed it when i ate there with a group in july - everything was tasty, a nice room and good service - i hope to go back!!

    1. It's a great place to eat tapas (very tasty) and drink cocktails. Good selection of Latin American rums eg cachaca. Interesting multilevel space that sort of winds upwards. Good ambiance.

      1. I really enjoy Cobre. Nice space with clean lines and dark wood. Tapas are delicious. Interesting cocktail menu.

        On the 17th they're apparently donating 100% of the food profit to the Food Bank.

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          It's been 13 months so FWIW here's what I said about our visit to Cobre on Oct 30/07:

          We had two orders each of the pulled duck, fish, chorizo and poblano tacos, 2 orders of chicken taquitos, 2 orders of skirt steak, 1 order of short ribs, 1 goat cheese and eggplant empanada, 1 cheese pupusa, 1 tomato soup, one special of short ribs, all three desserts on offer and five beverages for $300, tax and tip in. Did I mention there were six of us?

          Everything was tasty, with the standouts being the tacos and the skirt steak (which they call vaca frita, a bit literally IMHO). The flavours in each dish were well delineated and nothing was over or undercooked or seasoned. The one minor disappointment was the short rib special which was a little tough and a mite oversauced but it still wasn't bad, just not in league with the other dishes. Each of us had a different favourite among the desserts which were a baked chocolate, dulce de leche and horchata creme brulee. The menu is designed for sharing, and the waiter suggested doubling up on the tacos because there are three per order which was good. Service in general was solid, and the room is inviting (I think the upper loft area is the nicest of the three levels). The website is helpful and the menu gives more details about specific ingredients if you're interested. I would recommend this as a relaxed place for a reasonably priced dinner, or a snack with drinks (they have a whole range of Latin-inspired libations such as the pisco sour I enjoyed).

        2. We tried it early summer and loved it! Definitely part of the new bright lights in Gastown. Great flavour combinations, creative dishes, and one of the few good quality Latin restaurants in town. Low key decor and excellent service complete the package.