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Dec 11, 2008 06:47 PM

Northern Illinois University/Dekalb, IL ?

I'm going to be in Dekalb next week for work....I'm only going to be in town for a day. I need recommendations of something close to campus...I'll be at the Convocation Center...probably get lunch break around 4:30/5:00 and I'll only have an the closer the better. Looking for pubs, diners, pizzerias, anything quick, but no ethnic foods.

Also, any late night places for something to eat after a basketball game? Again, pubs, pizza by the slice places, etc. Has to be in DeKalb...won't have time to really go any place else....the late night place can be anywhere in hotel is near I-88, but I'll go exploring if there's someplace interesting.

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  1. Its been a few years since I've lived near there, but here's what I remember: The Junction is a good diner. Excellent late night dining, really good milkshakes. I would also recommend Pizza Villa for thin crust bar-style pizza. Get the beer nuggets (fried dough to dip in pizza sauce) too.

    Both the Junction and Pizza villa are right on Rt 38 on the West end of town. You can't miss them.

    1. If you stick along Route 38 (Lincoln Highway) you'll find just about anything in a wide range. The Junction is just east of Annie Glidden and the Convo is just west of that intersection so that's your closest option. There are several typical fast food options right there too. The Convo is on the very west edge of DeKalb, serious corn fields are to the west, town all to the east. Downtown there are several pubs and bars within a few minutes from campus. If you venture further, take Rte. 23 which crosses 38 downtown at the railroad tracks. As 23 heads towards Sycamore you will find many strip malls and a great number of eating options from national chains to some interesting indies like Bea's Wok and Bowl, a tiny building housing some great Viet/ Chinese. Emphasis on giant bowls of soup. It's right next to the Jewel. Word to the wise, it's flat and cold out there.