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Dec 11, 2008 06:45 PM

Looking for an inexpensive restaurant on the orange/blue line

I'm looking for an inexpensive to expensive restaurant on the blue/orange line between Ballston and Eastern Market for Friday night. Price is really not that big an issue as long as it is not outrageous ($100/person) and the food is actually worth it. We would prefer casual but not loud. Does anyone have any recommendations? We would like to know what the dress code is, price range, whether or not we should make reservations, etc.

We enjoy ethnic food, including Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Irish and really everything you can think of. We have Ray's the Steaks and Taste of Morocco in mind but we have been to both restaurants and would like to try a new one.

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  1. god, I used to do that daily commute and there's a lot of plates between here and there. why not pick a stop and start with that?

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      Well, we live in Ballston and will be meeting some people that live near Eastern Market; hence the requirement for the restaurant to be in between those two stops. Location is really not an issue. We just want to enjoy some really good food and are interested in what people immediately think of as being the best bang for their buck anywhere on that line... that being said, we would prefer to be closer to the Virginia side. :)

    2. I always enjoy the Italian cooking at Sette Bello, which is at the Clarendon station.

      1. clarendon is probably the best stop for a variety of dining on that route; i really like harry's tap room there and it is not expensive and has good steaks. others on this board don't like it but i dine there frequently and always enjoy it. i'm not sure what kind of atmosphere you're looking for but boulevard woodgrill is also good, reliable and not too expensive. Sonoma in Capitol Hill (i think Capitol South) is wonderful, great wine and food available in half-portion sizes. Kaz Sushi Bistro is at Farragut West and it's probably the best sushi in DC (in my opinion) and not super-pricey.

        1. PS — there is a new restaurant in clarendon called Spider Kelly's — i've not tried it yet but have heard great things. Their menu is not super pricey. Also Liberty Tavern in Clarendon is really great but it can get loud and crowde.

          1. Have you tried Ray's Hell Burgers yet? It's in the same strip as Ray's the Steaks and the best burger I've had in my life. However, it can be tough to get seating and it's cash only, so bring your wallet!