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Dec 11, 2008 06:16 PM

Excellent Dining Experience at Nage (Dupont Cir.)

I wasn't out to find a fantastic place to eat; I just wanted something okay, fairly fast, and not too expensive. What I got at Nage was so much more! It was really, really good. I had the steak frites and the beef was extremely tasty and nicely cooked. The frites were shoestring style, which I like. The salad was simply perfect. I enjoyed the food and the ambiance so much that I went back a second night—a night when I was in the mood to seek a fine dining experience. Amazingly, I was not disappointed the second time either. (If you want to read in great detail about the experiences, I have written up the nitty gritty on my website.) I highly recommend Nage. It is a great little bistro with very, very good food at pretty reasonable prices.

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  1. I hate to have to report that my next experience at Nage, in March 2009, was just awful. I again had the steak frites—tough steak overcooked and frites that were cold. Sent it back and got cold fries again. The appetizer included a garlic spread on toast. The garlic spread was refrigerator-cold and therefore absolutely unpleasant. The frogs legs were served in about 2 cups of canned chopped tomatoes. This is cooking??? What a disappointment.