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Dec 11, 2008 06:05 PM

Miami Beach Fine Dining?

Will be heading to Miami Beach for 4 nights and I am looking for some assistance in making my final dining decisions. We are staying at 17th and Collins and will be relying on cabs to get us around, with the exception of possible scooter rentals during the day.

Our first night we plan to go to Joe's, we are big fans.

After that we would love to hear some feedback. We are considering on nights 2 & 3 going to either Michy's, Michael' Genuine or Sra. Martinez. How different are Sra. Martinez and Michy's? Are there any restaurants similar to these that I should be considering?

For our final evening we are hoping to stay in Miami Beach and are considering Talula, Sardinia, or Ola. I am throwing Ola out there because we love ceviche but have concerns because the lack of discussion that Ola gets on this and other boards.

With that being said none of these plans are set yet, except for probably Joe's, so we are certainly open to any other suggestions. We would also greatly appreciate any nearby lunch suggestions, within walking or scooter distance.

Thank you in advance to taking the time to review this and we look forward to any and all responses.

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  1. I would not do ola. Talula has better food than sardinia, sardinia is a better value than talula.

    1. Although there are many differences in the menus of Sra. Martinez and Michy's and a somewhat different vibe, there are similiarities too and I would do MGF&D and one or the other between Sra. Martinez and Michy's, rather than both Sra. M and Michy's. Given the style of restaurant you're interested in, I would throw Pacific Time into the discussion as well depending on how many nights you have available. Consider doing lunch at Joe's (easier to get in anyway) to free up another dinner. They have a nice "Bail Out Special" going ->

      I would choose Talula over either Sardinia or Ola. If you are a ceviche fan, consider going to a Peruvian place for a lunch or perhaps Jaguar in Coconut Grove. Their grab-bag of Latin American cuisines menu would usually be a red flag to me, but their ceviches are actually quite good (and you can put together a nice sampler of several if you want.

      I would have thought there would be lots of discussion of South Beach lunch options on this board, but I've gone back through several threads and don't see anything that's been updated in the past couple months. This thread is a decent start though not exclusively focused on lunch ->

      I'm not usually on South Beach for lunch so perhaps others can make some good suggestions.

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        For lunch on the beach I would recommend Le Bon, on Lincoln Rd, for mussels and fries. Best food on Lincoln Rd (not really saying much, but they are spectacular and Belgian beers don't hurt-order a half-a-kilo to split, should be enough-stay away from rest of menu). Also, A la Folie on Espanola Way for crepes. Beautiful little romantic spot-great for whiling away your hangover (with mimosas, of course). Rent scooters from Beach Scooters-they are on Colins and 14th (?) and usually have a good selection. If you rent for the day, you can come into Miami and have lunch at Buena Vista Bistro just north of the Design District (NE 2nd Ave and 45th St), then window shop in the DD. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even head up to Red Light (Biscayne Blvd. and 78th st) which is serving lunch Thu-Sat I believe. Or scooter in at night and do a stroll from Sra. Martinez, to Michael's, to Pacific Time. Make sure to pay the meters because they love to ticket scooters here. From 17th and Collins you can head west over the Venetian Causeway, a really nice ride (toll-$1.50), and then just pop up either Biscayne or NE 2nd Ave. Another cute lunch spot/wine drinking joint in the DD is W Wine Bistro, at NE 2nd Ave just north of 36th St.
        I'm sorry to say, but I'm in the Sardinia camp here, a great spot, maybe, foodwise, the best spot for lunch on South Beach. Talula's great, though.

        1. re: Miami Danny

          You're a much daintier eater than I anticipated if you think a 1/2 kilo of mussels is enough to split. To be even more specific, stick with the steamed mussels at Le Bon, not the "platters." The Belgian beer selection is great.

          Icebox Cafe on Lincoln Road does decent brunch/lunch.

          I've not been but the Dilido Beach Club (in the Ritz Carlton, outside overlooking the beach) looked good when it was featured on the "Check Please" TV show that Michelle Bernstein hosts, and you can see chef Jeff McInnis currently on "Top Chef". Menu actually looks pretty nice ->

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Dainty, perhaps. When I need to leave room for gigantic Belgian beers with high alcohol content.. Maybe the full kilo is better, though-I might not be remembering properly (did I mention the giant beers?). And yes, stay with the steamed mussels...

      2. Thank you all for your great responses. I had not previously thought about going to Joe's for lunch or about Pacific Time. We are now considering Joe's and Sardinia's to be good lunch spots.

        For dinner in our 4 nights we are looking at Talula, Michael's Genuine, Pacific Time, & either Michey's or Sra. Martinez.

        We would love to opinions on if you had to chose one (which is what we have to do) would you go to Michey's or Sra. Martinez?

        We appreciate all of your input. Many Thanks.

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        1. re: lghvllypa

          That's a great schedule and you'll def. get a solid sense of what is happening in Miami food-wise. As a big fan of both Sra. Martinez and Michy's, I think you need to choose Sra. Martinez because right now that is where Michelle's attention is focused and you're likely to see her and her husband running the show. Though if you don't like tapas-style eating then maybe Michy's will be a better fit.

          Out of your choices, my guess would be that you'll find Pacific Time to be the dud, but I agree with Frod on just about everything else. And ditto the Icebox as a nice lunch spot around Lincoln as well. Not that you asked, but if you are in the mood for people watching on Lincoln and like beer, check out Zeke's Roadhouse for a nice selection and some of the lowest drink prices in all of South Beach (though they did recently raise it to $4 beer).