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Dec 11, 2008 04:36 PM

Organic Produce Box Delivery

Hi - I'm looking for a company that delivers organic produce from local farms to residences in LA. I live in San Francisco and we have similar stuff up here and I thought it would make a good x-mas present. Does anyone know of a good one that I can use? I've seen other postings for some, but they are pick-up only, and they don't have all local produce (they have stuff like bananas from South America). Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure if it's 100% organic, but Auntie Ems (located in Eagle Rock) has started a delivery service. Fresh produce and you can add extras like dessert or freshly made soups and entrees. I would definately look into it.

    1. I second Auntie Em's. I think it's all or mostly organic.

      1. we just started with Auntie Em's Organic Delivery. We absolutely love it. We have signed up for the weekly, but they have bi-weekly and monthly also. If I am not mistaken I think they do a one time drop off-a gift like thing. Look on the website, there is a bunch of info. The produce is local, organic and seaonal-all three of what i was desperately looking for, and could find one or two with other services but not all three. The box also comes with recipes for the produce in the box as well as areally well put together description. You can tell alot of thought has gone into this service. We love it.

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