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Dec 11, 2008 04:02 PM

Steak in MSP

Looking for a more laid-back place for a great steak in the MInneapolis area (or west burbs).

Please don't say Manny's or Murrays. Been there before and too much pretense for what we are looking for.


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  1. Erte in NE Minneapolis. Some people (not me) also like Pittsburgh Blue in Maple Grove. Their marketing messages are all about a laid back approach.

    1. Here are some recent posts that cover the same issue:

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      You'll see lots of Murray's/Manny's/Strip Club recommendations, but there are lots of other places as well.

      Also, Rossi's (which is in a couple of posts) is closed.

      I like Erte.

      I'm going to out myself as a member of the loyal opposition. I enjoyed my drinks at The Strip Club but have to admit that my meal there suffered from overly high expectations. I thought that the food was fine, but not so good that I'd go rushing back.

      1. Hello, I have been to most of the "Supposed" steak places, I think that Morton's was the best i have had. Expensive but very good. I have been to capital grill, Manny's, Ruth Chris, and Murry's.

        Take it with a grain of salt because i think the Outback Filet is very good also.......

        1. don't forget about jax in northeast and mancini's in st paul for that classic old-school steakhouse vibe & service that can't be beat (although the steaks at other venues might be better imho). might be right up your alley?

          1. I really enjoyed Manny's last time I was there - But I understand where you are coming from.

            An ditto Bob S w/Strip club. However I supposed by view of the food may (just may) have been clouded by the copious amounts of cocktails.

            How about the Lexington? Another St Paul institution.......