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Making cheese in San Diego

anyone here make their own cheese? Is there a local store that I can buy the enzymes and such to make my own?

I started making my own simple white cheese after seeing a Youtube video, and want to step up to more complex cheese.

I know a few beer places that make their own beer cheese but am not aware of any restaurants that make their own (RIP Region).

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  1. what kind of cheeses do you want to make? You can make some simple with lemon juice as a coagulant.

    You could get real rustic and get the 'cuajo' stomach of a cow and use that as the enzyme.

    1. I bought some tartaric acid from cheesemaker.com. The service was quick, and the product was great and relatively inexpensive.

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          BTW I don't know if this helps but I know Cantre Foods is the largest cheese maker in the county so contacting them might help you get your hands on rennet or citric acid.


        2. I'm looking to start making more complicated cheeses too. I was planning on ordering cultures online ... from what I can tell, Dairy connection (http://www.dairyconnection.com/hobbyi...) has the best prices (cheesemaking.com only sells one-batch packets, whereas the Dairy Connection sells larger quantities for the same price!) .

          I would love to try making some different cheeses, but I am reluctant to drop a ton of money... perhaps if you're interested, we could go in on it together and buy a few different cultures and split them, that way we could both have some options (and save on shipping - have to do 2-day priority, so it's not supercheap)? Just a thought....

          1. I will have to look at these websites. I was really hoping Great News or a little market would have the supplies.

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              I checked once at great news and they didn't have any of it.

            2. I was never able to find cheese making supplies in San Diego. I have mainly been making simple fromage blanc cheeses. I got some hand-me-down supplies from an acquaintance recently and will give it a go.

              (Now if I could find local goat's milk I would be set!)

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                A few people in Ramona sell it. ("For pets and crafts only" - because it's illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption!)

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                  Henry's and Whole Foods found a way to sell raw milk but it is Cow I think. At this stage don't care if it is raw or pasteurized, as long as it isn't ultra-pasteurized.

                  (if you age the cheese 60 days raw milk is just fine if you are worried about the bacteria)

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                    Trader Joe's sells organic cream-top (non-homogenized, which is preferable for cheese-making) for $3.49/ 2 litres... I have had lots of success with this for making cheese!

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                  Trader Joe's sells goats milk that is not ultra-pasteurized. I just spoke with "The Beverage People" at the MakerFaire in the Bay Area. They recommended Trader Joe's goat milk for cheesemaking. I forget what the milk is branded as; but the rep there said it is sourced "locally" and works great for making cheese. They were selling a kit for $29.95 which had everything sans milk for making goat cheese. He said the kits would be up on their website shortly.

                  Beverage People
                  840 Piner Rd # 14, Santa Rosa, CA

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                    Thanks buenasolas for the information, very helpful.

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                      Goat's milk from the stores is very expensive compared to cow's milk, and compared to getting it from a farmer.

                  2. Give a call or make a visit to Winchester Cheese Co., Holland Rd just off Winchester Rd., a few miles north of Temecula. Great folks, I'm sure they could steer you to the right place. And probably share lots of cheese making advice. Call ahead and they give you a tour and tasting.