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Dec 11, 2008 03:13 PM

Dining in the Esplanade Ave. area - suggestions?

We are counting the days til our Christmas visit to N.O. - reservations so far at Stella!, Herbsaint, Commanders' for Sunday brunch, and Brigtsens, and doing a cooking class at the New Orleans Cooking Experience. Thanks for all the tips, and stay tuned for a trip report in the new year!

We are staying on Esplanade Avenue, in the 1900-2000 block (the Degas House is in the 2300 block if that helps) -- it is advertised as being "walkable to the French Q" and the Marigny area. Are there any good restaurants in the immediate neighborhood we should check out? And can one realistically (i.e., safely) walk to the FQ/Marigny from there these days?

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