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Dec 11, 2008 02:56 PM

After Suppenkuche: fun and casual?

I've been tasked with finding a hangout after our meal at Suppenkuche. Alcohol is fine, but a coffee house with desserts works equally well.

#1 choice right now is Hotel Biron: I love the vibe, it's casual, and we can ask for some low alcohol wine to sip while we chat.

We considered Cav, Citizen Cake, and Absinthe, but they were written off as places that people had been to and didn't care to revisit yet.

None of us have ever been to Orbit Room. Is it worth a visit just for drinks?

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  1. Well, Suppenkuche is fun and casual ;)

    Orbit Room: no idea. The excellent mixologist Alberta Straub, who put it on the map, is no longer there.

    The only other places in the neighborhood that you haven't mentioned are Zuni, Bar Jules, and Fritz. Haven't been to the new Fritz, I'd call Bar Jules interesting, but not necessarily fun. The chocolate nemesis cake is amazing, made with El Rey chocolate if I'm remembering correctly. I always enjoy Zuni's deserts, and I consider Zuni to be fun.

    It may be hard to hang out in Bar Jules for an extended period; they tend to be full up until when they close, and they shut down quickly. It's a very intimate place.

    If you get to Zuni late enough (after 9:30 or 10) they shouldn't have trouble with you if you just have dessert and sit and drink while you catch up.

    1. Not sure how big your group is. There are coffeehouses very close to Suppenkuche, but I'm not sure how late they are open.

      Do you require dessert? If you just want alcohol, you might enjoy Martuni's, a bar at Market and Valencia that has a sort of karaoke piano arrangement (depending on the night).

      While some on this board might recoil in horror, I'd point out that you aren't too far from the Max's in Opera Plaza, which has desserts and a bar, and where I've spent a few pleasant, casual, social hours over the years.

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        Thanks, everyone! That helps jog my memory a bit. I think Bar Jules, Martuni's, and Zuni will be what I suggest to the group.

        1. re: Pei

          Hotel Biron and Place Pigalle are two reasonable alternatives for booze, and Momi Toby's is a nice cafe across the street from Suppenkuche. Orbit Room is kind of creepy, and I've never had a drink there and not banged my knee on those stupid tables.

          1. re: Pei

            I don't know what part of town you're from, or your inclinations, but the last time I was in Martuni's it was a fairly gay bar (this was a *few* years ago, like, maybe '98). I got rather aggressively felt up (ok, perhaps my instigation as I was wearing a pastel ruffled tux shirt and no jacket). Not 100% gay, since it's on the edge of the mission and thus gets some mix in the crowd, but that was the primary vibe. Kind of an older queen hangout, nicely laid back. I liked the place, but just so as you know.

            Any more recent experiences?

        2. There's a bar across from Absinthe. I think it's called Sugar. Not sure what the weekend vibe is like.
          I love Momi Toby's but not sure it's an after dinner spot. Orbit room is great for cocktails, but I don't know about their wine selection. And as already mentioned, they have the worst bar tables I've ever come across. I still like the place though.