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Dec 11, 2008 02:18 PM


Okay fellow CHs, I need your help. I'm planning on buying hubs a nice bottle of Scotch for Christmas. I know absolutely nothing about it, can someone recommend a nice pour? My max budget is $200.

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  1. this should probably be in the Spirits section, and you should also say where you are (selection and price varies by province, and in Alberta by store).

    But, if you just want a great whisky and not interested in going for something limited edition, Highland Park 18 would be well within your budget (I think I paid $120 last bottle I bought) and one of my favorite drinks.

    1. I realized I forgot to mention the city. I'm from Vancouver BC which means our choices are limited.

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        and I guess the other important question is what does he drink usually or prefer, and is there anything he dislikes?
        I just looked at the BC liquor website, and you are pretty limited! I forgot how good we Albertans have it.
        Best bet in the $100-200 range is probably still the Highland Park 18. They also list Lagavulin Distillers Edition, but at $160 it is outrageous - it should be at least $30-45 less than that.

        The Bruichladdich 21 yo would be my choice, were my wife to be buying me something from their listing for under $200 (it is 199.99) but B'laddichs are usually a love or hate whisky.

        If you could find it in your heart and purse to splurge another level, at $290 the Highland Park 25 is spectacular, and he will love you forever!

      2. A solid choice would be an 18 year old Macallan, which will run you around $140. It's a smooth, buttery rich scotch. Pound for pound the best single malt scotch produced in Scotland. If you're looking for something different, consider Edradour 11 year old (stright from the cask if you can find it) or Benromach 18 year old, neither will cost you more than $100.

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          FlaHopper - you obviously aren't in Canada; we pay a lot for our whisky! The Macallan 18 is $255 in BC. And the whisky selection according to their website is dismal

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            I am not in Canada. And I assume neither is Gourmet Wife, but I could be wrong. Regardless, because I don't know where she or you or anyone else lives, I can only address the question as best as I can.

        2. Words like nice and best are highly subjective.
          What would be far more helptul than where you are is what whiskys your husband likes, so we can see if there is a trend in flavours!

          1. A thread on this very topic was started just yesterday. Below is a link to that thread and that thread contains links to other threads on the same topic. SEARCH and ye' shall find!


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              Hi everyone, thanks for all the suggestions. I don't really know what hubs like. He basically starting drinking it over the past year. He especially like the ones he had in HK recently. He did mention smokiness but other than that, I really not sure if he has a preference being a newbie scotch drinker. Being in Canada, especially in BC we're limited to selection and the pricing is usually a lot more than other provinces and countries by ALOT. I've made a list so I'll head down to the BC liquor store on Cambie/39th. Hopefully one of their sales people is knowledge enough to help me. Thanks again!

              1. re: gourmet wife

                Thought I'd give you an update on my purchase. I was going to get the Highland 18 or McCallan 18 however I ended up getting the Bruichladdich 16 series. The sale person told me that the two I had in mind are relatively available all the time, however, the 16 series are limited edition (they're aged in bordeax casks) and aren't always released. Not sure if it's good or not but she told me she really enjoys it. Hopefully it'll taste good.

                1. re: gourmet wife

                  Probably a good choice. Haven't tried any of those yet, but Bruichladdich is good at these limited release, experimental agings. Some work better than others, but they are at least always interesting.

                  1. re: gourmet wife

                    This would be a nice time to do a blind taste test. You can find out what he really likes. line up 3 glasses with 1/2 oz. of different scotch in each. Try a very low price blend like Macgreggor or Ballentine in one. Either a moderate priced single malt (Bowmore or Achentoshan) or a higher level blend (Chivas or Johnnie Walker). Lastly the prized Bruichladdich 16. It is fun to have scotch for dessert. Keep some neutral tasting water on hand to explore how the flavors and aromas change. Lets read about the results. Thanks Gourmet wife.

                    1. re: phantomdoc

                      Just an update on the Bruichladdich 16 First Growth Series. Hubs loved it. It's pretty smooth and has a very nice aroma to it. I'm no expert but I did enjoy myself. Not a lot of smoke but tasty. We tried a spash of water it in to open up the flavours, compared to some other scotches, I didn't like it as much. I wish I can explain it better, being a newbie of scotch. Hubs now wants to try the other series so he do some comparison.