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Dec 11, 2008 01:59 PM

Parents Want to Take Friends to Dinner without breaking the bank...

My parents have decided to come into town last minute and want to take me and a few friends out to dinner this weekend. I don't want them to have to break the bank though, so I'd like to keep entrees in the $15-$25 range, while still making them feel like they've taken us to a great NY restaurant.

Any thoughts? (Keep in mind I have to be able to get a reservation for this Saturday night for a group of 5...)

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  1. Any cuisine preferences or avoids?

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    1. re: RGR

      Avoid Japanese. Or anyplace so loud my dad will strain to hear.

      Also would like to stay below 42nd.

    2. Please check pricing (opentable? menupages?) but the place I always like to recommend for that kind of an outing is Otto. It's bouncy, big enough to accomodate last minute crowds, service is generally good, and their ice cream sundays are a good thing to feed adults who haven't had a good sundae since... oh... since they were 12. Also, the wine list is full of nice, not so expensive things. For reference, I usually try to get a bunch of appetizers to share (the lentils are good, the coppa is made in0house and is very very good, there is usually a nice fennel salad or some such... ; then a pizza for each (I love the one with the fried egg in the middle), then a sundae for each. It's very festive!

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      1. re: linengirl

        Otto would be a good choice but the OP said that she'd like to avoid anyplace loud.

        The sound level at Otto can be excruciating.

        Five Points always shows up on threads that mention parents. That's not a bad choice at all.

        Five Points
        31 Great Jones St, New York, NY 10012

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          My experiences at Otto have always been loud...

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            Agreed. I took my parents to Otto. While they liked the food and tried to be good sports, they really didn't like the loud music. The server refused to turn it down at all.

        2. In my neighborhood I really like:

          1. I think Da Andrea is a great option (West Village). All of their pasta dishes are around $10-12 and their main plates are under $20. Everything is delicious including their apps! And it's cozy. There is a din, but I have never found it TOO loud.

            Though, they do NOT take reservations as far as I know. I have also never had to wait more than 10 mins or so for a table. I went with a party of 8 over Thankgiving weekend and we showed up at 8 and got a table.

            I wonder what other people's experience has been with getting a table for a large group on a Saturday night?

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            1. re: piegirl74

              I would also highly recommend Da Andrea. They do take reservations for parties of more than 4.

            2. Had a wonderful dinner at Arte Cafe (w.73rd St.) this week that I think might really suit your needs. You can check out the menu on We were there quite late and the back room wasn't full, so it was fairly quiet. I suspect it's never rowdy - but neighborhood folks may be able to give you more info on that.