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Dec 11, 2008 01:39 PM

La Boca

Going to La Boca, first time! What to get? I know BEEF. But what-so many types of steaks? The menu looks so good. Thanks!

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  1. The skirt steak and the kobe are the most popular among my crowd. I always get a pasta dish because I'm not a big steak fan. I did taste the skirt & kobe and I'd pick the skirt. All sides are great. I love the provoletta. The amaretto & coconut cake is my favorite dessert. You really can't go wrong with anything you order.

    1. The first question is this: Are you going with a party of 8 or more? If so, then you must get the Group Menu. For $50-$60 per person (depending on your choice of steak), you get to sample almost everything on the menu. It is an absolute steal.

      The beef has been great on every one of my visits - my favorite has been the hanger. But as good as the beef is, I always find myself ordering the sweetbreads. By far my favorite item on the menu.

      Make sure to sample the different chimichurris.

      1. I really liked the crepes with caramelized condensed milk for dessert. Those things are insane.

        1. We went a couple months ago and they were offering a few dry aged steaks. My husband got the dry-aged strip and I got the kobe filet. His steak was one of the best I've had in my life. I'm with mrsfury on the provoletta. We don't go there without ordering it. They also have a dulce de leche icecream that makes me crazy.

          1. A friend and I went Saturday nite for apps & drinks before going to a rock concert around the corner. We had the provoletta & fries and basically turned them into cheese fries. We dipped them in a mixture of the red and the white steak sauce. Oh I wish I had some now.

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              The skirt steak (Orestes favorite) is excellent. The flank steak has a distinct pineapple flavor (I'm assuming) from the marinade .We brought it home sans 1 slice and fed it to the Yorkies. They had no problem with it. The gnocchi is very rich and makes a nice app. split for 2. Coconut ice cream cake serves 2.