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Dec 11, 2008 01:33 PM

Plan B in Prospect Heights?

Has anyone been there? We're thinking for New Years - it looks a little small, but I've had their delivery and the food is tasty (esp the Plan B burger (but I'm a sucker for any red meat with cheese stuffed inside)).

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  1. huh? we havent been attracted in, because it seems mostly like a sports bar - with a name like a contraceptive. the more info the better

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    1. re: jen kalb

      i'm sorry but huh what?
      are you asking what it means to have a burger with cheese stuffed inside? If so - it's just about the most amazing way to eat a burger. forget about melting it on top...

      anyways, you know there's a very successful bar named plan b in the east village also. I don't think of contraception when I think of plan b - i think of it as meaning "an alternative" - like if the first place isn't good enough, or the wait is too long, etc, go to plan b.

      I like sports bars in general. maybe not for new years.

    2. Ok so we went a few weeks ago before Christmas. It was actually pretty cool. I posted on another board that they had amazing wings (and of course the burgers). The place was empty at first, but slowly more and more people showed up, we were able to drink good beer and watch football. And the owner Greg was so amazingly nice. Will definitely go back.
      Downside - it's not that big, but in the warmer months they have anice outdoor patio in the back.