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Dec 11, 2008 01:17 PM

Top-notch curry rice in Tokyo?

I love Japanese-style curry rice and I don't think I've ever had a bad plate of it. But I've never had a truly elevated curry rice meal, the kind of thing worth standing in line for. Any recomendations out there for Tokyo restaurants with outstanding curry rice? Katsu curry and other permutations are also welcome, though I must express some skeptecism toward curry udon and other noodle-based versions.

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  1. Previously on Chowhound's Japan board:

    Also, here's a review of 13 mostly Oofu (European-style curry) restaurants in Tokyo:

    My favorites are Tomato and Loup de Mer for Yoshoku-style, and Bondy and Petit Feu A La Campagne for Euro-style.

    Tokyo Curry Lab inside Tokyo Tower has pretty good original curries and a fun atmosphere:

    And Mamezo in Kichijoji is good for original/Indo-style:

    The Club of Famous Curry Diners in Yurakucho ( ) serves five curries from five famous shops, all very different, and it might be a good way to sample the various styles out there.

    1. Check the Curry Database !
      I used it to find the current #1 curry shop, Manten.

      It's been #1 for months now, there can be a line sometimes at lunch but it moves fast. I don't really enjoy Japanese curry in general, but I actually find myself craving Manten every couple of weeks. Thankfully I can walk there for lunch.

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