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Dec 11, 2008 12:55 PM

Flower lollipops (cut-rock candy) from ages ago

For a long time, I've been looking for a certain kind of lollipop that I used to get as a child. The centers were usually flowers, but sometime clown faces. Very delicious and fruity. I seem to remember they were European made, and my mother would buy them in Bloomingdale's.

Last weekend I saw a bag of "rock candy" for Christmas, and the concept was the same, though the execution was much poorer. But that spurred me to look on the Web again, and finaly, after many years, I've found a source. I guess they're still making the lollipops in Poland, but the price gives me pause. I'll have to think about that. But they are beautiful:


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  1. There 125 in the box, and they are 1.25" in diameter. That's about 25 cents each. If you suck slowly and don't chew them in one bite (like I do) go for it, but hide them in your closet and only eat them when no one is looking :-)

    1. I remember those too. I also remember that the design part would melt faster, and I'd sometimes cut my tongue! But they were very delicious and fruity, as you said. Thanks for the memory jog.

      1. These are made similar to the way that designed cut glass is made.

        The internal design is created by making many at the same time, in a long cylinder, and once hardened cutting them to the desired thickness. The various design elements are composed of long rods, each being stacked according to the design and then rolled together to form one large cylinder. Ideally these are all semi-molten at the same time, though the entire cylinder can be reheated to help with solidification.

        I hope this helps!

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          To clear up possible confusions, the tecnique with the glass is techniquely called "mosaic cane lampwork" though the italin term of "millefiori" is often heard more commonly (sorry for sounding so pedantic, but around where I live "cut glass: means a cup or vessel made of uncolored glass in which facets have been cut or impressed. Baccarat is cut glass.) you are right the tecnique is indeed the same. You can also find it used in polymer clay (aka fimo) and in dough (those holdiay pillsbury cookes with the trees and pumpkins in the middle). The only part you left out is that, when made the rood us usally very large and short, and is then rolled or pulled anlong the long axis, which has the effect of shrinking the rod ( called a cane) and its design without distorting it. In glass the staring rod can be the size of a breakfast plate in daimeter ; the end cane (from which the slices are taken for use (often on glass beads) cane be smaller around then a pencil eraser.

          1. re: jumpingmonk

            You are totally right, monk. I certainly left out some details that you've resurrected from my days blowing glass at art school. Thanks for the refresher.

        2. I went to their site to place an order - I too have childhood memories of these suckers ....then I saw that they wanted $12.15 for delivery to San Francisco by Fed Ex.... Waaaay too much. Maybe they are coming from Poland :-)

          1. After spending a lot and eating a lot at Christmas, I think now is not the time for me to buy that big box (which indeed isn't a bad value per piece). But I have bookmarked the site. Makes me happy to know that someone--in Poland!--is making those delightful lollis.