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Dec 11, 2008 12:36 PM

Las Vegas- Fremont street eats?

Thanks everyone for your suggestions for budget minded eating in Las Vegas. I still need recomendations for restuarants in the Fremont street area. I haven't been to that area before- is there any place worth trying?

While in vegas my boyfriend and I are planning to eat at Craftsteak, Bellagio Buffet for Sunday brunch, Lotus of Siam.... the rest of our meals for 4 days/3 nights in vegas are open.

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  1. Binions has a deli back by the poker room that has very good 1/2 pound deli sadwiches, and they use Boars Head cold cuts, for 6.95 plus tax. Included is a pickle spear and potato salad. The coffee shop also has some specials if you ask the server.

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      I LOVE the Binions lunch counter. Such good values!!! I watched them fry up a grilled ham and cheese the last time I was there and it looked unreal. Also, the chili dog is MASSIVE and SO tasty. Mind you, this is counter seating, divey at its best, but the food is the real deal.

    2. I've never eaten there, but Triple George Grill is said to be pretty good. Especially the meatloaf. Apparently it's a local favorite.


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        Triple George is VERY good, and one of the best downtown spots. They also make a terrif martini.

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          yum. that looks REALLY good. will put it on my list

        2. are you in freemont area for a reason ? most of the nice restaurants are old, old school - hugo's is an example. triple george ? great idea !!
          for casual - how about the hawaiaan place in the california hotel ? el cortez - roberta's makes a decent pan fried walleye but the place is even older school than hugo's ( a vegas legend, owner jackie gaughan, eats there almost every day )

          you're already eatin' steak so vic n anthony's at golden nugget is out ? the italian place there - the grotto is average. late nght you got the oxtail soup at california casino. i keep meaning to try the oxtail at freement - i'm told it's just as good as the california casino coffee shop yet available all day.

          happy eating !!

          1. Hugos in the Four Queens. Old style Vegas dining. Great duck and salad made at your table. It is secluded downstairs and you would not know that you are downtown. Always a family favorite! Don't forget the shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate, get the larger shrimps.

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              also at the Golden Gate is a very good french dip sandwich to go with the shrimp cocktail.

            2. I'm bumping this thread because I'm looking for a non-smoking, casual, cheap place for a quick yet extremely delicious bite that is open all day on a Sunday or Monday next month in the Fremont Street Old Vegas area. Please help? Would be more for a light meal, not a full lunch or dinner, and most likely mid-afternoon. No fine dining, please. Thanks! P.S. Triple George is closed on Sundays but open Mondays. Delis are welcome. We won't have a rental car but will be taking taxi from Cosmopolitan/Aria area to check out Fremont Street sights.

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                Newly opened Le Thai is receiving a lot of positive reviews and it is open daily for both lunch and dinner.

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                  You might want to look into the city buses, which can take you directly from the strip to Fremont Street/downtown. Cabs are very pricey in LV, and not at all necessary for that trip. You can buy a 24-hour unlimited bus pass right on the bus.

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                    Be warned; the buses that go from the Strip to downtown tend to get crowded starting around mid-afternoon (it's not as bad going back to the Strip).

                    As for a "light meal" downtown, I also recommend the deli at Binion's; i've also been to Hennessey's Tavern, and the Triple 7 (Main Street Station), and can't complain about either one.