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Dec 11, 2008 11:54 AM

Yemeni cuisine?

I spent some time in Djibouti this year and had some great Yemeni dishes that I'd love to find here- I'm not too hopeful about finding an actual Yemeni restaurant, but maybe an Ethiopian place that does some Yemeni food (grilled/bbq'ed fish, flatbread, ground bread with honey, banana "porridge", etc.). Any suggestions?

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  1. The Build America strip mall plaza on south George Mason which bisects Skyline between Route 7 and Seminary road has a rapid turnover of strange little restaurants that typically are middle eastern and Ethiopian. I think there may have been an Eritrean place at one time and probably a hookah bar or two. I would meander over to that strip and see if anything strikes your fancy. It will be an adventure !

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      I second the strip mall plaza on south George Mason. I was there at a Somali restaurant name al jazeera (it's in the back, you park in the back and walk up to it). My Somali friend who took me there said it's run by someone whose parents are Somali on one side and Yemeni on the other, so the food there has mixed items.

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        Sorry to bring up an old post, but is that Yemeni/Somali place still there?

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          Before a show tonight, I had a quick meal at Al Jazera. Yes, it is still there. Yemeni menu. This was my first time there and it won't be my last. I had the lamb soup, a small salad, dessert and coffee.

          The soup was thick with spices and had a pungent lamb flavor. No meat, but a couple of pieces of fat floating at the top. The salad was nice. The dessert was not on the menu. Made with walnuts, it was oily and bland, and I would be hesitant to get dessert here again. The coffee was very strong, just the thing I needed.

          When the bill came, it was lower than the prices on the menu. I pointed this out, they said the bill was correct, and I had no time to argue. So it came out to $10 with tax and tip.

          From what I could tell, the cooking is different from the Levantine traditional food we are familiar with at Lebanese, Greek, and Turkish restaurants. This is real Middle Eastern food.

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