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Dec 11, 2008 11:50 AM

Driving from Dallas to Houston -- where to eat?

I am driving from Dallas to Houston. Where are some good places to eat along the drive? I don't want to stray too far from I-45. Thanks,

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  1. When you get to Centerville stop by Woody's. They've got good sandwiches, BBQ, and then you can take some jerky on the road.

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    1. re: air

      Ha! We drove from Houston to Centerville on 12/1 just to get some jerky and cheese from Woody's. I should have bought some of the german sausage to bring home as well. The buffalo jerky is great. If you stand there looking and ask questions they will let you sample any of the items. He even cut me a chunk of the freshly cooked sausage. Gotta try that!

    2. what day? time it to be in huntsville at lunch and go to mt zion for some bbq

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        I just drove down today. Stopped by Woodys and was pleased. We are driving back on Sunday. Is Mt. Zion open on Sunday?

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          it's at a church, so no. delay your trip or get there earlier.