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Dec 11, 2008 11:50 AM

Houston - Help In The Heights

Have not been in this area for food, for years. We will be going to 'Lights In The Heights' Saturday night. Where is a place we can eat before-hand (like 5PMish), with kids. Not looking for fancy food, just great food and a nice/fun atmosphere. We like all types of food. Any Vietnamese recs would be a plus! Thanks.

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  1. Try Thai Spice (460 W. 19th, (at Ashland). The "Vietnam Restaurant" also on 19th is closed for renovation at the moment. Thai Spice has good service, a diverse menu (certainly something to satisfy even picky kids) and you should not have a problem getting a table at the early hour you mentioned. I ate there last Sunday evening and enjoyed everything (including the leftovers). If they seem too busy or the menu is a problem for the kids, Collina's is right across the street (502 W. 19th) and serves good, predictable Italian (especially their pizza).

    1. How about Jax Grill? I love Jax. Or Raia's Italian Market? El Tiempo? Teotihuacan? There is a Vietnamese restaurant in The Heights on 19th. I have never been there, but have heard it's very good. Check these places out on in Heights for area of town.

      1. The ever-so-uncreatively-named-but-tasty "Vietnam Restaurant" on 19th is closed for a well deserved expansion/renovation. That about does it for Vietnamese in the area. Sorry!

        Cheflambo's recommendations are good and centrally located. Both would be kids friendly. Jax is also great for kids.

        Barbecue Inn on Crosstimbers serves really good fried chicken, shrimp, and burgers.

        Across from Jax is Spaghetti Western which is decent.