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Dec 11, 2008 10:40 AM

Help with a family visit

Hi everybody - my family is coming to visit me for a couple of days in a about a week and I wanted to get some advice on where I should take them for some good NOLA dining. I have some dinner plans but have a couple of questions that hopefully you guys can help me with. One important note is that 2 of our party of 4 do not eat seafood due to allergies - so just be aware of that when suggesting good joints - thanks.

1. Need a breakfast place in the CBD near Poydras and St. Charles - nothing fancy, but definitely something passable and cheap - within walking distance.

2. Thursday night - quick and easy dinner in the Riverbend. They will have just gotten off a looong flight and easy comfort food is what I'm looking for. I was thinking about Camelia Grill but am a little worried about the line and seating 4. Alternatives?

3. How is Willie Mae's Scoth House doing? I've been meaning to go for a while and was thinking about it for lunch. Is this the place to be or should I be looking elsewhere, Dookie Chase, etc.?

4. How does Crescent City Steakhouse stack up. We are all carnivores so a nod to Crescent City or alternative recommendation (not looking to break the bank).

5. We're on a bit of a budget but are looking to do one nicer dinner. The upper echelons of NOLA dining are probably still out of the picture - looking for casual but upscale (so not interested in the Stella!'s August's or Bayona's - sorry not my choice). However I was thinking either Jacques Imo's - which has the advantage of being close to my house, or trying one of the reveillon menus at a NOLA classic like Antoine's or Galatoire's. I would prefer to do a reveillon menu but an worried about the need for non-seafood options. Any rec's - let me know.

6. Last but not least - lunch spots and other meals - here is my tentative list - are there any glaring errors??
-Coop's Place
-Ciro's Cot Sud

Thanks in advance for any help. Its the first time my families been out here (and the first time grad school is letting me out of the library) - so I really want to get a good taste of what my adopted city has to offer.

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  1. Hi -- Recently had my family here for TG, they were all pretty happy with Mother's breakfast down in that area.

    I'm in Carrollton, too, and for the comfort food spot, I'd go to GB's for burgers instead of Cam Grille any day. Or there's Lebanon's, or Cafe Granada for tapas, or Figaro's for Italian. My family all had dinner at Jamila's one night, and they all loved it. I didn't know Cote Sud was open for lunch! Love their pizza, and the french stuff is great, also. Oh, and Crabby Jack's is great for lunch, especially if you're doing takeout.

    For the upscale place closer to home, look into Patois or Clancy's. Or have you been to One? I haven't been in a long time, so not sure how it is these days. Sadly Iris has moved. Or there's always Brigtsen's.