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Dec 11, 2008 10:37 AM

Where to purchase suckling pig in SEA metro?

So I just got done reading “Suckling Pig for the Holidays Go big with Chef Jose Garces’s festive menu” under Chowhounds's Special Coverage. My mouth is watering, my stomach rumbling and my mind is made up to roast or smoke a suckling pig for Christmas.

But WHERE do I find one locally? I'd be willing to drive a couple of hours to a farm or have it shipped from somewhere in the NW, but I do want to buy locally.

Many thanks. And happy cooking over the holidays.

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  1. I saw a chinese or vietnamese restaurant in the ID that had a sign in its window advertising a whole pig. Can't recall the specific place or its address. Would know if I saw it; its not one that gets much airtime here, if any.

    I'd also try contacting Bob's Meats in Columbia City.

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      CAVEAT: a suckling pig is about 20 pounds; a 'whole pig' is over 100 pounds

    2. I second Bob's Meats. James does the best he can to get local and organic meat in whenever possible. I'll be hitting him up soon for a pig myself!

      RACE YOU!!!! =)