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Dec 11, 2008 10:33 AM

CLE-inexpensive eats in Aurora near 80

I never get out this way and am not familiar with the foodie scene. Am looking for inexpensive, informal, no-reservations-required but very tasty hole in the wall in Aurora as I will be in the area around dinnertime next week. Not a burger place because I don't eat commercially processed ground beef, but just about anything else is fine - pizza and/or Italian would be great but other ideas are welcome.

What we're not looking for is something big and elaborate like Blue Canyon. Just a nice diner or favorite local spot.

We will be coming in from the W side via the turnpike so would prefer something relatively close to I-80.

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  1. R&R - are you looking for Aurora or Twinsburg (where Blue Canyon is)?

    In Aurora - I am very fond of Vito's; A little more upscale (and a tiny bit more expensive) is Cafe Toscano

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      Aurora - I asked someone who lives over there and they referred me to blue canyon, so I figured the two must be very close. They also mentioned Toscano but said reservations were suggested and we're looking for less formal, as we may or may not decide to eat on that side of town when we go over there. Vito's sounds like a definite possiblity, thanks.

      1. re: rockandroller1

        Toscano asks for ressies because they are very small (less than 40 seats). There was a family with young kids there the one time I was there - it is only a tad more formal than Vito's, but the Wild Boar Pappardelle was awesome (skip the pizzas).

        Vito's is a great, casual, local place.