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Dec 11, 2008 10:28 AM

(Fuego's) Best Burger In Austin - My Search Is Over

I just ate what I am going to call the best burger in Austin. It was the "Fat Burger" at Fuego's on South Lamar. I'm no stranger to Fuego's... I've been part of a small group that has eaten there on and off over the last year or so. Everything I've had there has been from very good to excellent. I could go on and on about pretty much the entire menu. But, today I only want to talk about the "Fat Burger". It was THAT good.

I still have much respect and love for Dirty's, Nau's, Ski Shores, Casino El Camino, and most recently Mighty Fine.... those are all places you can find very good burgers. But, as for me, at this moment... none of them come close to this new found love of mine known as The Fat Burger.

This thing is a MONSTER of a burger. It seriously does take both hands to eat it and I guarantee you're going to want some extra napkins. It's not a burger for the faint of heart. However, the reward is well worth the effort required.

Simply put..... this was easily the best burger I've yet to eat in Austin and perhaps anywhere in my life.

I can't wait to be hungry again!

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  1. Was in northwest Austin this past Friday mid-afternoon hungry for lunch and remembered this post about the burger at Fuego's. Dad and his wife agreed to give them a try. Only one other table occupied, and a very pleasant young man took our orders for two fat burgers and one ahi burger. We then waited a very LONG time; thus the problem.

    The good: The burgers are indeed huge. And the patties were properly cooked to our requested medium-rare, nicely seasoned and pink in the middle. And my goodness are they loaded -- two big slices of bacon, a slice each of two cheeses, a big wedge of lettuce, a nice slice of properly grilled onion, tomato, lots of pickle slices, a big griddle-toasted bun, and avocado and thousand island on the side as requested. I even liked the homemade fries. This is indeed a MONSTER burger. I had to remove much of the vegetables as I ate to get through it.

    The problem: With all of the preparation and cooking of the accompaniments, and the assembly of the burger, the patty got cold. It wasn't the hot, drippy, juicy goodness it came so close to being, because by the time we got it the patty was barely warm. Now this is easily remedied -- reverse the order of cooking and put the whole thing together and cook and place the patty on last.

    I'd love to see Fuego's succeed. Extremely nice people, trying very hard to please. Father is back in the kitchen, wife runs the front, and our server was the son. Our order with all sorts of special requests was fulfilled accurately and pleasantly. They were very nice to provide tons of extra napkins and even towels to protect our dress clothes from the huge sandwiches. As with many places, the kitchen probably runs better when busy and bustling than when almost empty.

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      Would someone please post an address to Fuego's? One post says South Lamar(I live south and cannot find it), and one says North Austin.

          1. re: barleybob9

            A note about the location. If you're coming up Lamar from the south, you can't turn into the Fuego's parking lot. We tried to go last week. Drove right by it, but were on our way to the Spec's on Airport. After going to Spec's, we came back up Lamar to go to Fuego's, but couldn't turn in, and ended up going out of our way and to a whole other restaurant. I still want to go there, but I'll have to remember the trick and come from the right direction.

            1. re: stephanieh

              If coming from the south you can turn around at Anderson just before you get to 183. It's not all that inconvenient.

              1. re: Madcap

                Fair enough. But, it was dark and I'd missed being in the right lane to get onto Anderson, and my husband doesn't like to turn around for anything, so we went on. I'll get there next time.

                1. re: stephanieh

                  Uggh. As a newish Crestview resident, I've never completely understood the prohibition of left turns from Lamar onto Morrow--why Morrow, not Justin? Or Morrow from Burnet? Why is Morrow so vulnerable to increased traffic flow, and what about the perilous left turn from onto Anderson from Northbound Lamar traffic that this ban worsens?--and this seems to be creating headaches for businesses located in that strip center. Trust me, though, the food is well worth any inconveniences you encounter getting there. I also think the Fat Burger is the best burger in Austin, edging out Casino el Camino. And, as an added bonus, your burger is not served with punk angst and ennui.

                  1. re: stephanieh

                    stephanieh, That intersection is one of the most confusing in Austin. If you haven't driven it during the day to get the nuances, you have a low probability of seeing the signs in time to be in the correct lane at night to turn where you want, esp if there's any traffic.

                    1. re: sweet100s

                      You have to bum-rush that intersection...Can't remember exactly how, but you have to do something illegal. An easy way is to, going north,turn left on Justin, and wind your way through to Morrow.

            2. re: nosh

              i went there a couple weeks ago to check out the burger. they werent busy when i went either, just 2other table. i ordered a med-rare burger and thats how it came out. i thought about asking them to leave off the 1000 island dressing, avocado etc but decided to try it their way. it definitely does come big and loaded. my patty was hot off the grill. i actually kept the paper around the burger while i ate to help keep it together and to decrease the juicy mess i was making. and i am not a fan of 1000 isl dressing but it must marry well with the other ingredient bc i didnt notice that flavor stand out. all the ingredient come together very well imo. it is def on my fav burger list and will be back.

              i also liked the atmosphere and the staff was very nice and attentive. go give em a try.

              1. I'd like to find a great burger that isn't so huge you can't take a bite without unhinging my jaw. Your Fuego's Burger sounds interesting but too big for my taste.

                My boyfriend took me to Casino El Camino for the first time and I wasn't very impressed. Granted, the patty was huge, but the bun was a cold, untoasted piece of bread that i immediately removed. The meat was okay, but not like the melt in your mouth burger from Sullivan's that I had. The fries were terrible. They had to have been Sysco's.

                Seems to me that there are two categories for good burgers. 1 is in the thin burger category and the other is in the thick burger category. I think a good burger should be accompanied by good fries to complete the experience. I still haven't found the perfect combination in either category.

                We're going to Mike's Pub next week. I haven't been there in close to 20 years. I'll report back.

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                  I had a good burger this weekend at Hyde Park Grill at Westgate. I chose the chuck burger, which I'm assuming was less than 8 oz, as its size wasn't specified. (the sirloin and Kobe burgers are described as 8 oz.) It was not huge but was a nice size, had great flavor and moisture, and they cook it to order (I went with medium well and it was not dried out at all). I also enjoyed their battered fries, though they are not something I would want to have all that often.