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Dec 11, 2008 10:02 AM

Burger Quest Part 1

So, we'll try the easy version. Short and Sweet....

BBP was ok, burger not done to temp i asked

Jake's was good, good value

5 Guys was good, best fries of the day!

winner is Jake's for griddling the bun for that "greasy/crispy" thing that is old school cooking

however, i'm not running to get any of them. guess i will try boom, barnacle bill's and others next go round....

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  1. Barnacle Bill's !!!
    Burgers , bar and setting all worth while !
    What's not to like ? Parking can be tough in warm weather !
    Little bit awkward to find - First street ain't all that obvious and landmarks ditto !

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    1. re: arpad

      "Barnacle Bill's !!! What's not to like ?"

      Service,Cheese whiz, (Or something equally obnoxious),poor lighting,overall over rated.Hook Line left it at the starting gate as far as burgers go.The crown now belongs to Djeet? on 35 South.

      1. re: xny556cip

        that is only one of the cheese choices at BB...

        1. re: stack_c

          and only one of my list of things not to like !

          1. re: stack_c

            My problem with Barnacle Bills is that they seem to confuse quantity with quality. The burgers are just too dang big. they are a mess to eat and the size makes cooking them evenly a sketchy proposition at best. The outside is overcooked and the inside undercooked.

              1. re: Papa Bing

                i saw nothing of this last night, place was very clean, kitchen included....

      2. Although I haven't been there in some time, I would submit that a proper burger quest include a stop at White Rose in Highland Park. It's about as old school, griddle burger as it gets.

        1. As mentioned in the other thread, consider adding JRs in West End to part 2 of your quest.

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          1. re: fershore

            I second fershore's suggestion about JR's - you'll be pleasantly surprised!

          2. M - Thanks for the report. You saved me a trip to BBP. I agree with your assessment of Jakes and 5 Guys. The Jakes burger to me was slightly better while the 5 Guys fries were head and shoulders above Jakes. You'll find that Boom's burgers are on a different level. I look forward to read Part 2.

            1. I just love Barnacle Bill's. Hate that nasty cheese sauce, but they really make a great burger.

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              1. re: Angelina

                I agree with you about the cheese whiz sauce at BB...the way to go there is mushroom onions and swiss cheese not the cheese sauce....

                1. re: Angelina

                  I love Barnacle Bill's, too. I get the burger with the mushroom and onions. It's a mess, service could be slow but it's my place to go to relax......