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Dec 11, 2008 09:59 AM


I need to set up some breakfast meetings in brooklyn. What are some good places? I am looking for places that are busy for breakfast.
Nothing too fancy just good. I like diners but I am open to other suggestions. Any neighborhood is fine.

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  1. what kind of vibe are you going for?
    If it's brunch - Miriam on 5th Ave has an AMAZING brunch (and dinner for that matter). Belleville has a good brunch too.
    Other than brunch places, you're looking at traditional diners. I mean there's Purity on 7th Avenue and 6th (?) street but that's more like a diner feel. If its a business meeting, I don't know if it's appropriate.
    Maybe try a hotel downtown's restaurant?

    1. what time are these meetings? And how big is the group? Do you want someplace you can sit a spell? are you looking for weekend or weekday? I know you said any neighborhood, but it IS a big borough . . .

      1. Theresa's in Brooklyn Heights sounds like it would fit your bill nicely. It's busy for breakfast and diner-like. On Montague Street, off Hicks.

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          Thanks for the replies. it's just for 3 people during the week. Preferably not in a hotel. Its not a super formal but we need to be able to hear our conversation and have good service. I am interested diners that are known for breakfast and any good breakfast /brunch spots.

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            Perhaps a little small, but Ted & Honey (in the old Red Deli spot, next to Cafe on Clinton, at Clinton and Verandah) has nice food, good coffee, and Wifi. There are 3-4 small tables in front, which should work at a non-peak hour. You order at the counter.

        2. Again, it sort of depends on what time you're meeting. If it's 10 or so, I imagine that would give you a lot more options than, say, 8.

          Having said that, there are a couple of options along Smith St that are open early: Cafe LuLuc (Smith and Butler) is open at 8, and there's also Provence en Broite @ Smith & Degraw. I think either would be good for what you're looking for, and I've had perfectly adequate breakfasts at either.

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          1. I would look at the Park Cafe on 7th Ave between Union and Berkeley in Park Slope. They have a semi-deserved rep of having surly service but I have to tell you they're one of the few diners who make bacon to order, and their breakfast menu tastes pretty good. And yes you can easily hear each other speak, the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. Juniors is also a good option for breakfast, but only for breakfast. Junior's has plenty of tables and booths to support 3 or more people + business papers comfortably, and their breakfast menu is pretty decent.