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Dec 11, 2008 09:57 AM

Holiday period foodie events/recommended venues?

Husband and I are relatively new to New England -- but are hosting friends coming up from NC for the Christmas period.
Does anyone out there have a recommendation for where we can take them out, for holiday-related pleasures? We live in western Mass -- can travel to southern VT or NH, anywhere in Mass, or to much of CT.
Looking for something like a festive place for cocktails, holiday-themed evenings/events, festivals of some kind that have a foodie component. We're happiest in venues that are NOT child/family friendly, but will consider ones that are.......
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Do you guys like wine? Not holiday themed but I'll bet some of them decorate nicely for the holidays. Try the western CT wine trail: For the western half, I can personally recommend Miranda and Sunset Meadow.

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      Ooh great idea and Sharpe Hill is really lovely. I'm not sure what they do for the holidays but that would make for a fun day.

      1. re: Kitzy

        Sharpe Hill is beautiful but that's pretty far east - I wanted to suggest that along w/The Still River Cafe for brunch (Boston Mag just named it the top foodie destination in New England) but it's pretty far from western MA.